Return to Paradise

Simone Elkeles

Story Elements

Return to Paradise takes place at Redwood during present time. The main conflict in the story is Caleb went to jail for 2 years for a crime he do not commit. Now Damon, the chaperone of the program will reopen the case, but Caleb do not want that to happen. The book begins with Caleb getting arrested again when undercover cops came to a crack house ( where Caleb lived for the time been). That's when Damon, Caleb's counselor came to bail him out and got him involved in the program.

Character Analysis

The main character is Caleb. Three words to describe the main character are motivated, nonchalant, and cruel. Caleb is motivated by wanting to protect his twin sister from going to jail. Another reason is that Caleb really likes Maggie but afraid that things will never be the same. Finally, Caleb is afraid that everyone may find out that Caleb really didn't run Maggie over. My opinion of Caleb differs because Caleb wants to protect his sister but won't let Maggie or anyone help him. The relationship between Caleb and Maggie is awkard because Maggie really loves Caleb but afraid to love again. Also, Maggie knows that Leah cause the accident but Caleb don't want Leah to pay the price.


The theme of Return to Paradise is don't pay the price for someone else mistakes.One example that supports the theme is that Caleb's relationship with Maggie is being ruined because Maggie don't want to tell the truth. Another reason is everyone in the program finally knows that Caleb didn't commit the crime. A third example from the book is the Caleb must run away run before Damon reopens the case. A final reason that supports theme is Caleb is afraid to return home to his family,


Yes, I think many teenagers can relate to the novel because it happens in everyday life. Reasoning being is that getting involved in a car accident can cause many relationships with friends and boyfriends. For example, in the book Caleb and Maggie relationship is semi- off because he went to jail for a crime he didn't commit and now he has to live with the resentment because Maggie is limping.