Life During the Deal

Titus Sandy Jasmine Mitchell

Roles that women play...

.Eleanor Roosevelt helped women and was important during her husband's presidency

.Frances Perkins was the first women to head an executive department

.Many women became leaders in government agencies during the New Deal

Roles of African Americans

.Mary Mcleod Bethune, in 1902 borrowed furniture and $1.50, Bethune opened a school for African American girls in Dayton Florida

.Mary Mcleod Bethune's little school become Bethune-Cookman College

,William Hastie became the first black federal judge in U.S. history

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.Writer James Agree and photographer Walker Evans also depicted the lives of sharecroppers in the Lower South

.Their work, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, focused on a group of families in rural Alabama

.Dorothea Lange was a photographer that took pictures of homeless

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.President Roosevelt's fireside chats to Father Coughlin's rants against the New Deal

.Actor Orson Welles produced a radio broadcast of the H. G. Wells

.Duke Ellington was one famous big-band leader


.A new highly orchestrated type of jazz known as swing swept the country in the 1930s

.Benny Goodman and the Dorsey Brothers reached audiences that had been untouched by jazz masters of the 1920s

.Count Basie was on of the famous big band leader



.The legendary Babe Ruth, who had become a huge star in the 1920s, continued his career until the mid-1930s

.The big star was heavyweight fighter Joe Louis

.Joe went against German Max Schmeling, which presented conflicts between the U.S. and Germany