Traditional and Technology

The Battles of Education

Is Technology really aiding us?

Technology can be very beneficial to our schools, but could it also hinder them in their education? There has been an excessive amount of research and debate on this particular topic.

The Affects on Education

Negative Affects

The educational ecosystem in India is driven by teachers, textbooks, and tests. Unless technology can coexist with the three T’s of education it will have little chance of impacting educational outcomes (how technology). . In a country so focused on marks self-motivation is a myth (how technology). In most cases self-motivation in students, especially teenagers, is a huge obstacle in getting school work done as is. Technology could hinder students and provide as a distraction, and in-turn become counterproductive.

Positive Affects

A team of researchers experimented with the use of educational technology, or “Ed-tech”, to see if it had a positive outcome on student’s ability to learn by using an Ed-tech group (the experimental group) and a traditional group (the control group). 88% of the learners in the experimental group perceived that most of the sessions were covered end-to-end in comparison to a mere 33% in the control group (Ed-tech). This shows that people are more receptive to the technology based lessons.


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