The New River Basin

A Presentation by Trevor Gray and Patrica Artes

Where It's At

The New River Basin is located in Ashe county North Carolina then runs down to the city of West Virginia. It's about 11,459 square miles. It's the headwaters start at Ashe County in North Carolina and moves north to the mouth at the Kanawha River In West Virginia. it's along the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. To visit these rivers and streams you have to go to New River State park or Mount Jefferson State Natural Area. With 70,436 (2010 U.S. Census).

Human & Organisms in the Area

Pollution and Solution

Hydrologic alteration and poorly managed agriculture and forestland made it harder to keep the river clean. Fertilizers from the farming has runoff into the rivers of the basin. Habitat degradation continues to threaten the overall health of these unique aquatic ecosystems. But water quality has improved in the past few decades.
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