8th Grade Panther Newsletter

September 14 - 25

Fall Festival is Quickly Approaching

The 8th Grade Booths at the Fall Festival are:

· Pizza & Canned Drinks/Water & individually wrapped sweets

· Jacob’s Ladder

· Estimation Jars

· 4 Silent Auction Baskets (Chef’s, Christmas, Outdoors, Sports)

Our “theme” is WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!!! We are going to decorate our booth with a Jungle theme, leaves, palm trees, ferns, stuffed monkeys, etc… If you have ANYTHING that you are willing to let us borrow or donate to help decorate, please e-mail Mrs. Brown and let us know so that we can have an idea of what we have and what we still may need.

Here is what we need:

· We are asking for donations to help pay for the pizza.

Please send donations / checks in an envelope with your child’s name on the envelope to Mrs. Brown. If you write a check, please make it out to VAMS with 8th Grade F.F. in the memo. A receipt will be given to your child for the donation.

· We need each 8th grader to bring a 12-pack of drinks or case of water per the following –

Mrs. Brown’s 1st period – bring water & Cookies

Mrs. Brown’s 3rd period – Dr. Pepper & Brownies

Mrs. Brown’s 4th period – Diet Coke & Snack Bars

Mrs. Brown’s 5th period – Dr. Pepper & Cookies

Mrs. Brown’s 6th period – Sprite & Brownies

Mrs. Brown’s 7th period – Coca Cola & Cookies

· We need sweets to be individually wrapped!

Students can bring these any time before October 1st. The sooner the better so we know we have enough and don’t go buy more.

· We need ICE for the drinks!!!! And ONE more LARGE ice chest.

* We also need LOTS of goodies for our baskets. Please donate any items that would help fill them and bring a great profit - (Sports, Outdoors, Christmas & Chef's).

More information about volunteering will be coming soon!

Upcoming Events:

September 15 Old School "Curriculum Night" 6:00 - 7:30

September 22 Fundraiser Orders Due

September 25 Dance 7:30 - 9:30

October 3 Fall Festival

"Old School" Curriculum Night

Tuesday, Sep. 15th, 6-7:30pm

Van Alstyne Middle School

Come and "walk" your child's schedule to see what your child will be doing in 8th grade this year. Important information about classes, tutorial dates/times, and ways to help your child be successful will be shared.

Science News:

This week in Science, we will be learning about the structure of the atom. We will be building models with cereal and candy (yum). We will have an Atomic Structure assessment on Friday, September 18. Next week we will build on our understanding of the atom to discover how elements are arranged on the Periodic Table.
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Solar Hot Dog Cookers Project & Picnic

As groups rotate to Mrs. Brown's STEAM project during Advisory period over the next few weeks, they will be engineering and building a solar powered device that can cook a hot dog. As each group tests their cookers on Friday, we will have a picnic lunch in the outdoor classroom. Students are asked to bring $2.50 to pay for their picnic lunch which will include a hot dog, drink, chips and a cookie. Please be looking for a green letter to be sent home with each child when it is their week to participate. Also, Mrs. Jones groups will be testing their boats in the outdoor classroom and we are inviting them to join us for our picnic as well. Her students may also bring $2.50 and purchase the hot dog lunch which will be cooked by Mrs. Brown using electrical energy instead of solar energy.
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Math & Algebra News

Mrs. Jones's STEAM project will be constructing a boat out of straws that will carry at least 30 pennies and stay afloat. We will build the boats for 4 days, then we will test them in the outdoor classroom on Fridays.

We will be studying surface area and volume for the next few weeks in Math class. In Algebra class, we will be solving multi-step equations and literal equations.

My tutoring schedule is as follows:

Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:35 to 8:00

Mon/Wed 3:30 to 4:00

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US History News

Students will be finishing up Unit #1: European Exploration & Colonization this week. They need to study their notes for the upcoming test on Friday, 9/18. There will also be a smaller test over the original 13 colonies on Wednesday. Our next Unit of study will cover the Colonial Period of US History and the build up to the Revolutionary War!

STEAM projects (advisory) will be starting up next week! The project they will be completing in my class will focus on the amazing Billy Joel song, We Didn't Start the Fire! Students will be using technology to research events, people, books, and music that have impacted life since 1990. They will use this information to bring the song and video up to current times.

Tutoring schedule:

Tues/Wed 7:35 to 8:00

Wed 3:30 to 4:00

**If students need to come in on a different day, they need to email me.**

Washington, D.C. Trip Information

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ELAR News:

We've begun our first PBL unit entitled, "I Can Be Your Hero, Baby." Students will analyze the heroic qualities of Santiago from "The Old Man and The Sea," search for a hero that exhibits the same qualities, choose how they are going to share about their hero, and submit their unique work to the MyHero Project website.

My friend, and D-list celebrity, Henry K. Iglesias, helped introduce this project with his musical talents.