Efrain Rios Montt


Essential Question

Did Effrain Rios Montt believe that he was doing the right thing by treating his people horribly?


Born on June 16th 1926, this historical leader was extremely powerful and killed many innocent people. He killed about 700,00 Mayan peasants and political dissidents. He was the 26th president of Guatemala and may have been the worst one who had power. He was not in power for a long period of time he till influenced the history of Guatemala and the countries around it.Although he was only in power for a short 14 month period, he did many things that caused his people to disagree with him. Women and girls were raped, many people were tortured, and plants and livestock were destroyed. Things were so bad that not only did thousands of people die, but a lot of people felt the need to run away.

Creative Piece

To all of my fellow people,

I have come to speak with you today to address the hatred that you seem to have for me. I Efrain Rios Montt have given this country exactly what it deserves! Without me, you have no leader and would not know what to do. I know that I have made a few mistakes along the way like problems with agriculture and murders. But agriculture is not my fault and the people who were killed, deserved to be gone because of how they treated this civilization. I beg of you, that you respect me and think about how hard it would be for this country if I was not a part of it. Everyone should bow down to me and worship me because I am the leader of this country and have control over all of you. I promise if you do that, I will make this country a better place for all of you and you will thank me for giving you the life that you deserve.


Your proud leader, Effrain Rios Montt

Bringing Rios Montt to Justice - Guatemala

Video Response

The video above shows how terrible of a dictator Efrain Rios Montt was. Not only does this video clip give information about that time, but it shows evidence that these people were murdered by Montt and suffered a terrible life. People traveled to the spot where some of the thousands of people who were killed in Guatemala were buried. It also shows evidence of some of the children who have been claimed missing. The primary sources used, were a great way to understand how these poor people were feeling during this terrible time. The fact that the people living in Guatemala still respect, and worship those who have died, show how much their people mean to them and how much it hurt to see them go.