The Marie Murphy Update

15 May 2020 Edition

MM Student Council Endows 2019-2020 Funds To Local Groups

The Marie Murphy Student Council identified a variety of different groups in the North Shore area to receive funds that were raised this year. Working with feedback from students, teachers and community members, the student council identified the following groups as beneficiaries:

Please click on the links above to read more about the work each of these groups does to help those in need. Thank you to the MM Student Council and the student body who helped raise these funds that will go to help others.

Loving Without Limits was already able to put the funds donated by Student Council to good use by providing brunch to the entire ER and pediatric departments at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge!

Six Flags is Closed; 8th Graders Make Their Own Roller Coasters!

8th Grade science students recently sharpened their engineering and construction skills. Their goal was to build a marble roller coaster ride that lasted exactly 41 seconds. Bonus points were awarded for any jumps over five centimeters. The coaster had to fit inside of a 3 X 2 X 2 foot box. Additional bonus points were awarded for every centimeter below 3 feet. Check out these engineering marvels below!

MM Theatre Students Embrace Intra & Interpersonal Learning Experiences

Theatre students have a had a variety of learning opportunities during our time away from school. In studying improv, students had the opportunity to work with ComedySportz in a live Zoom show which developed interpersonal learning. Billy and Nyhan were the lucky student participants in the show! Additionally, 8th graders worked hard to deliver videoed monologue performances, showcasing intrapersonal learning. The work of these students, both in collaboration and in isolation, has been phenomenal!

Zoom & Meet Wearing Headphones, Please!

Our teachers are doing their very best to create learning spaces that safely allow students to interact with one another and to stay connected to their peers. Within the school setting, our students regularly share aspects of their lives, things they're going through, how they're feeling, and how they're learning within their classroom community. Now that we are on Zoom or other platforms, our teachers are still looking to create that same community --- but their virtual classrooms are MUCH more open to other ears.

We strongly urge parents to have students wear headphones while they're online, allowing students/classes to maintain that privacy with one another. (Plus, it might give you some quiet time at home too!) Teachers and staff members know that recording Zoom calls violates FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act). I share this with families because it's important for you to know that recording a Zoom call or listening and sharing with others what is heard on a Zoom call is also a violation of this privacy.

We know our audiences have changed as we move remotely and we cannot have the same level of closeness that we can in a classroom as we sit with one another...but we need to do better to make sure our staff and students feel able to continue building those connections and engaging authentically during this time. Thank you for understanding and for supporting us all as we find courageous ways to keep our communities together!

World Languages "Build" Vocabulary & Cultural Knowledge!

Ms. Bruzzini's 8th grade Spanish classes found a creative way to learn new vocabulary terminology regarding stores and objects purchased there. Using items from around the house, students spelled out vocabulary related to the the store and different items.

Meanwhile, Mademoiselle Mishinger had her students explore the architectural highlights of Paris by recreating a monument of their choosing with regular household items and write three facts about the monuments. Apparently, remote learning is really bringing out our students' creative nature!

Marie Murphy Virtual Book Fair Next Week!

The Marie Murphy ITC will host its annual Book Fair next week, albeit virtually. Here is the nitty gritty:
  • Virtual, online book fair through Scholastic
  • District-wide! Both school will participate
  • Dates: Monday, May 18- Sunday, May 31(open for 2 weeks)
  • Special shopping link will go out that families need to use to shop
  • All purchases ship directly to their home
  • Easy!!!

Look for a much better-authored communication from Ms. Stotz this weekend!

Don't Forget to Complete Your Online Registration for Next Year!

All Avoca parents should have received an email inviting you to register for the 2020-2021 school year. The email came from with a subject of Avoca School District 37 Returning Student Registration. Within that email is all the information and links to complete the registration process. Parents can reach out to if they have not received the notification email.