How sorry will you be?


Speeding is one of the major killers on Queensland roads. During 2014 there were 65 fatalities as a result of crashes involving speeding drivers or riders. This represents 29.1% of the Queensland road toll. More than 1000† people are either killed or injured in speed crashes every year.

Slowing Down Saves Lives

Speed is the biggest killer on NSW roads, causing about 40 per cent of road deaths each year. Speeding is seen to be more socially acceptable than drink driving, even though it claims many more lives on NSW roads.

Don't let your last text be your last words..

Road Safety

Dont rush campaign

The new Don’t Rush message encourages passengers to tell speeding drivers to slow down. You can’t predict what’s ahead and speeding increases the risk of crashing. If you don’t ask the driver to slow down, you could be sorry later. If you’re in a car with a speeding driver, speak up and tell them to slow down – you may never get a second chance to.

Speed ad - Mistakes
Just Slow Down 2011