The Egyptian Stone!

The Rosetta Stone of Ancient Egypt!

The Man Who is Really Sane!

Now that Akenhaten (Amenhotep IV) Has passed away his son (Tutankhamen) has taken the throne with his mom Nefertiti to help him. Tutankhamen has changed the religion back to its rightful religion and he has changed the art back to its original beauty and got rid of the junk his father called art.

Come On Out!

Now that King Tutankhamen has changed everything back to the way it is supposed to be come on out at dusk to erase Akenhaten from history. If you really care then come on out! Meet by the front gate of the temple where the priests and nobles will meet you and tell you the rules.

Your Daily Comics!

What's Happening in Ancient Egypt??

All the Best Gossip Here!

  • It's almost time for the flood! But, astronomer's believe that the flood that the flood won't be so good. So, make sure you stalk up on your food because this could be it?!
  • A new jewelry store has opened in the market. Some people believe that the owner of this store is stealing a the jewelry from his wife and his daughter. Better watch out because that jewelry could be stolen?
  • A farmer keeps sending in requests to the king about getting new animals. He claims that his animals have "all died at the same time" but all the other commoners say he killed his animals for food? Are you an animals lover or an animal eater?

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Book Review!

A Commoner's Life~ A biography about a commoner who's family struggled to survive when his family went bankrupt and he had to go into slavery for his whole life.

Are You Having a Cow?~ This book is excellent if you want to laugh! No matter if you are sad, happy, angry, or sleepy! This book will "make you have a cow"!

The Lost Pharaoh~ A pharaoh is lost in time and the only way he could get back is by going back in time to when he was born and changing his history to never become pharaoh...

Fashion, Fashion, and More FASHION!

This weeks top trend is leather sandals! they are amazing for work and super comfy. Not to mention they are super fashionable! to get your feet into a pair of these super cute sandals then go to your local shoe shop and get your now!

What's New Around Town!

  • A new jewelry store called Jewels All Day Long has officially opened! They have high end jewelry with a new special necklace called the gold dip! This necklace is a fine chain dipped in real gold!
  • The king has made official that a new temple in his name will be going up! Coming soon!
  • The bakery Bakers Delight! Has officially reopened with new treats and goodies that you have to get your hands on! So come on in You're always welcome!

King's Corner!

Everyday we hear about town gossip but now here is the real juicy gossip! The king's mom Nefertiti is supposed to help the king make decisions but she has been really quiet. She could be brewing a plan to trick the king to change back the art and the religion to what his father had done. Make sure you buy up all the art you can because it could be changed forever?

Job Review!

  • Are you bankrupt and need to sell your kids to slavery? Well we can help! The artists located on the corner of the temple in the center of town from Painter's Corner. Needs help making paints and seals! If your bankrupt then this is your turf!
  • If your son has recently graduated from school than send him t be a noble! The king needs some new nobles so if your son is ready send him over!
  • All you need is food! A farmer (who likes to remain secret) needs help harvesting the crops! Boy, Girl anyone is welcome! just come on down to the fresh food stand for directions.