The Jungle Beat

October 9, 2015

Our mission is to create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create.

News and Notes

Parents-Thank you for our time together this past Sunday afternoon. It was such a pleasure getting to talk with all of you and seeing the children away from school. I hope this will be something we will be able to do again. I realize this is easy for me to suggest because the planning was done by you. I have organized similar occasions and no matter the scale of the event, it is work. I greatly appreciate the work that went into the planning. Building a positive classroom community goes beyond the walls of the school building. It happens in the parks, neighborhood yards, churches, bleachers at PRS football games, town meetings, ball fields, etc. It also happens in a local ER. As I was talking to a dad on Sunday, we made the connection that he had actually attended to me during an ER visit not long ago. We live in a great community. Thank you for taking the time to see that we have a great classroom community as well.


Our class map has grown!!!! The first location we added was Town Hall. After that was done we added The Waters because it was the closest to our school. As we began the process we talked about what we knew about the neighborhood. As you can see from the picture they added the trail, a church, a lake, and trees. The child that lives in this neighborhood added her house. While we were adding items to The Waters, a discussion occurred due to a child wanting to add a rabbit. The friend that lived in The Waters stated she had never seen rabbits but she had seen snakes as well as lizards in the lake. Of course it was then discussed that the snakes might be why she has not seen rabbits. If you look closely you can see the red lizard at the edge of the lake. He has quite a presence.

The children in Bridle Brook stated they had seen many rabbits in their neighborhood. This naturally led us to add Bridle Brook next. While doing so we discussed that it had a Volunteer Fire Department at the entrance of the neighborhood as well as lots of trees. If you look closely, a white rabbit was added to Bridle Brook. We still have two friends that need to add their home to this neighborhood. They have been absent and will do so as soon as they can.

I can't wait to see this piece of documentation grow as we continue to add our homes, businesses, and habitats that make the community of Pike Road. Of course as you can already see, ALL ROADS LEAD TO PRS!!!!

Research of Habitats

As we move from homes and neighborhoods we will be discussing woodland, water, and meadow habitats. We are so fortunate to have access to the open area just at the end of the trail leading to The Waters. The area provides an avenue for authentic research of these habitats. We spent time drawing and discussing what we actually saw verses what we think or know. I wish I had a recording of the child that said "I see a butterfly!" Of course it was not the first time he had seen a butterfly. But it was the moment that he "saw" something. This was such an enjoyable time. The pictures do not do it justice. Several children found it difficult to stop drawing in order to line up. We will take other trips throughout the year to continue this ongoing research. The children will compare their work to see what changes occur throughout the year.

Books for Habitat Research

Several of you have requested a list of items needed for our classroom. I have created a "wish list" on Amazon of books that would be helpful as we research habitats. Below you will find the link to Amazon. Thank you for your continued support.

Link to Amazon Classroom Wishlist

Author Study-Mo Willems

Mo Williams On Writing Books Interview
This week we did a great author study of Mo Willems. In addition to meeting the common core standard of being able to name the author/illustrator of a book, we learned about the writing skill of using "speaking bubbles." Mo Willems uses the technique "speaking bubbles" in his books. One of the class favorites was Pigeon Finds a Hotdog. To end our week, we made AND ate little "pigeon" hotdogs. Parents Mo Willmes books would be a great addition to your child's home library collection.

Center Time-A chance to practice

Many math standards go beyond the naming of basic shapes. Earlier this week, in order to provide an authentic way to address these standards, we poured out pattern blocks. The children manipulated the shapes, made pictures with the shapes and we engaged in conversation about the shapes.

Later in the week a child came to show me a shape he had made. Interestingly he made this during free choice center time over in the science center manipulating tubes at the light table. On a totally different day, another little friend excitedly said "Look Mrs. Allen! A hexagon!" What is so amazing about this? She was using counters during free choice time and realized the container she was holding was in the shape of a hexagon. The child was so excited about the discovery that I actually think I saw a light bulb above her head.

What is so great about these two situations? Neither one took place during a math lesson on shapes. These are great examples of children demonstrating learning by applying knowledge from one area to a new experience.

side of a rectangle

Visit from the Fire Department

We had a great visit from the Pike Road Fire Department. They covered important safety information in a child friendly manner.

Service Project

Big image

Community 2 at PRS wants to help Kid President with Socktober. Socktober is the month of October when we are raising awareness for homeless people. We want YOUR help in bringing in items for the homeless:
Kindergarten: New socks
1st Grade: Hygiene items (like soap, shampoo, washcloths, toothbrush and toothpaste)
2nd Grade: Non perishable snacks (like Goldfish and fruit snacks)
3rd Grade: Canned goods
4-6 Grade: Winter clothing
7/8: Bottled water

Help us help the Homeless!

Fall Book Fair

Our school fall book fair is scheduled for October 13-16. This is a great opportunity for you and your child to shop for a book together. Scholastic Book Fair will accept CASH and DEBIT/CREDIT only…no checks please!

Scholastic Book Order

September orders have been shipped and should be at the school the first of this week. Thank you for ordering. I received points to use on the October ordering form. I am excited to order more books for our children to enjoy as their reading skills continue to grow. In an effort to not compete with the school Book Fair I will upload October's order form at the end of the week.