How To Use Nuclear Fusion!

Scientist Rebecca Boyd has learned how to use sun energy!


Rebecca is a scientist based in North Carolina, United States. She is a graduate of Western Carolina University and has since been working diligently to learn how to use Nuclear Fusion as an energy like the sun!

What Is Nuclear Fusion?

Nuclear is about changing energy into electricity; Fusion is about putting two or more things together. Nuclear Fusion is when two hydrogen atoms collide forming helium; this is how the sun gets it's energy.

Where Did This Happen?

This discovery happened in the little town of Williamston, North Carolina. Which is where Miss Boyd resides and does her work. She works in an science lab right outside the town limits where her partner and herself study different ways to produce energy.


This discovery happened in the late evening of May 1st, 2016. While some of us were sitting down to eat supper or possibly just getting home, Miss Boyd was staying late again and made this terrific discovery.


That evening Rebecca was conducting an experiment that involved H2O (water) and HCl (Hydrogen Chloride) and through the process the multiple Hydrogen cells broke off and before she realized, she found that she had created Nuclear Fusion!

She realized she created the energy when she placed the two elements together and it educed a spark! After more investigation, she realized that the Hydrogen atoms from both elements had broken apart from their original partners and combined with another to produce the fusion.


Rebecca had noticed the falling number of renewable energies and wanted to develop a way to help find different types of energy sources. She thought one night that the Sun is nothing but energy and has been around for billions of years and therefore she thought that if she could produce energy it would stay around for more billion of years.