The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

John Boyne


Bruno- Main Character

Father- Nazi soldier

Mother- Bruno's mom

Gretel- Bruno's sister

Maria- The family's maid

Shmuel- Bruno's friend on the other side (Main Character)

The Fury- Hitler

Primary Setting

The primary setting is the "Out-With" is the Auschwitz and that is a concentration camp. The concentration camps is where the Jews are held and where they live after being captured by the Nazi soldiers.

Main Conflict

Bruno and his family are forced to move to the out-with for his dads job. They get there and Bruno and Gretel notice a large fence and that there are many people on the other side of it and they look like they are crying and havent bathed in forever. Bruno meets a boy named Schmul and they become good friends until he goes on the other side of the fence.

Events in the book

BEGGING- Bruno and his family moved to the out-with because his dad had business work so they had to move to a new home. Gretel and Bruno notice all the kids there and adults.

MIDDLE- Bruno meets Schmul and they become really good friends and Bruno starts to sneak food from his house out to Schmul to eat. He doesn't tell anyone about him because he doesn't want to loose Schmul as a friend.

END- Schmul doesn't show up for a couple of days and he is getting Bruno his striped pajamas. Schmul comes one day with a pair of striped pajamas for Bruno to wear. Bruno sneaks by the fence onto the same side of Schmul. They go into the camp and Bruno and Schmul are never seen or heard from again.