Ali Safran

By: Jasmine Valdez

Surviving In Numbers

"No survivor needs to struggle alone."

Who Is Ali Safran ?

She is a young female activist who fights for people who have been sexually assaulted. she gives them a voice and helps them not live in fear she tells people her story and what happened to herself in order to help ohters and communicate and relate to them.

Fighting For Survivers !!

In October Ali Safran had went on a date and was sexually assaulted. She was attacked in her car when she was in high school. when she reported it Safran said the assailant was never convicted because she couldn't remember how he left the vehicle.she avoided telling her parents and troubled with telling others. so she went back to where she was raped at she anonymously hung a sign saying what happened to her. She started to reach out to sexual abuse support groups at other Massachusetts colleges and putting up flyers on campuses and invited others to share their stories for her new project. she first gathered in march at the Boston University, then Tufts. The survivors meet Ali in a classroom and she wrote out their stories on posters, then she had them take photos taken holding their signs over their faces. In April, during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Safran displayed the posters at the two campuses then posted them on tumblr. Thats how the "Surviving In Numbers" started.