Norma Polendo


I am very good at cleaning. when i clean I move everything to sweep and mop. I can clean every room and leave it spot less. i can clean very quickly and i will clean the restroom, bed rooms, the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. I will not miss one spot in your home. If a room in your home smells bad the smell will go away after i clean.
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i can cook some food not much though. can cook spaghetti, sausage and egg, chorizo and egg, frijoles with egg. I can cook it and the food will taste delicious. There is a limit on what I know what to cook but the food will be delicious.
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Taking care of kids

I can also babysit kids. I can change diapers, change their clothes, make them go to sleep, make baby bottles, feed them. Your kids will want me to babysit them anytime. I can take care of baby's and older kids.
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