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Art with Mrs. Flynn

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What's happening in art class?

Kindergarteners are working on being thoughtful artists by creating a plan in their sketchbook and then bringing their masterpiece to life on a larger piece of paper. Each artist's ideas are unique and special - this is a great way to let them share their ideas and showcase what they find curious and interesting about our world!

First and Second Grade have been diving into color theory. From the color wheel and identifying primary colors, to creating and using warm and cool colors in their artwork, these students are experimenting and building their art palette options.

Third Grade is moving into a big architecture unit and builds off their country research in library. Ask them about the country they are studying! Help them to start observing the details and designs in the buildings they see every day!

Fourth Grade studied a famous person from our world after finding a biography of their choice, and created a mini masterpiece to warm up our art skills for 2020. Now we are moving into a collaboration with music as we study art and traditions from Asia. We will be transforming the art and music cottage this week as we learn about the Chinese New Year!

Fifth Grade is expanding on their application of overlap, shading and shadows, details, and texture in their artwork. They were recently challenged to compose two pencil drawings: the first was a traditional still life using materials found in the art room; the second was to create a drawing that would bring their still life objects to LIFE by adding facial expressions and appendages to these objects. Each student will select one of these two drawings to more fully develop as a final piece. Both drawings highlighted students' knowledge and creativity!

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Library with Mrs. Zimmerman

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The 40 Book Challenge- All students in 2nd-5th grade have created a personal reading goal for this year. They will log the books as they are read on Biblionasium. Once a student reaches his or her goal, then he or she will receive a small prize from me. The homeroom that logs the most books will win a donut breakfast party! We have had many students in 2nd-5th grade meet their personal goal for the 40 Book Challenge. Ask your student how many books they have read this year!
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Kindergarten - We have been learning how to be good digital citizens!

First grade students have been learning about cause and effect. Recently they used emojis to show cause and effects in a book that we read. Now they are working on coding with Beebots.

Second grade students are reviewing story elements, character traits, and note-taking. In the near future, students will be writing their very own stories in a collaboration with Art!

Third grade students are creating travel videos on either China, India, or France! They are researching in library and learning about architecture in Art.

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Fourth grade students are beginning a Kentucky Bluegrass Award PBL. Groups have chosen their favorite nominated picture book and will create a station that will make reading come to life for a kindergarten or 2nd grade class. I can't wait to see their amazing ideas in action!
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Fifth grade students are working on their Genius Hour projects. We have topics ranging from improving art skills to learning about industrial design and 3D printing. Ask your child what he or she has chosen to learn about!

The 40 Book Challenge- All students in 2nd-5th grade have created a personal reading goal for this year. They will log the books as they are read on Biblionasium. Once a student reaches his or her goal, then he or she will receive a small prize from me. The homeroom that logs the most books will win a donut breakfast party! Ask your child about his or her goal!

Important Library Dates

February 3rd- Jason Tharp will be here meeting our kindergarten students and discussing his latest book, It's Okay to Be a Unicorn!

March 13th- Tamara Bundy will be visiting our 4th grade students!

March 23-27- Blue Marble Book Fair at Blue Marble!

Music with Ms. Vanderpool

Kindergarten has continued exploring high/low sounds and we have recently added the addition of rhythmic iconic note reading. We have been playing percussion instruments and tracking notation to create our rhythm bands.

First Grade continues to explore rhythm with quarter notes, double 8th notes and quarter rests. This past month we have been incorporating famous nursery rhymes into their rhythmic reading. Students will be focusing on form and creating a performance of mashed up nursery rhymes using instruments and Garageband.

2nd Grade

Second Grade has been practicing their note reading skills by playing instruments to Sugar, Sugar and The Chicken Dance. Last week we read Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina and added our own melody and sound effects. The next few weeks students will be choosing their own storybook to discover patterns, create melodies and sound effects to make their stories come to life.
Chicken Dance with Instruments

3rd Grade

Third Grade is transitioning the knowledge of rhythm reading into recorder playing. Each student received their very own recorder last week. We will be utilizing this "hands-on" approach to learn pitch names. I highly recommend purchasing a recorder for home so they can practice. School purchased recorders do not travel home to alleviate the risk of them getting lost, forgotten, or broken. You can purchase a recorder at any music store or on amazon. Please make sure you choose a soprano baroque recorder. Here is a link to a recommendation if interested.

4th Grade

Fourth Grade has has traveled Europe to Asia. The past 2 weeks we were in Japan and learned a song and dance from Japan. We also learned a fun hand clapping game based on the Japanese tradition of mochi making. Over the next few weeks we will be heading to China to learn about the traditions of the Chinese Lunar Year. We will be collaborating with Mrs. Flynn to incorporate traditional art to emulate a our own celebration.
Ame, Ame

5th Grade

Fifth Grade is continuing their ukulele skills and forming mini bands with the recorder. This is a self-inquiry unit where students are 100% responsible for finding music, creating a rehearsal schedule, working together, persevering, etc. I look forward to seeing what they create for their upcoming classroom performances.
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CONGRATULATIONS to Philly, Caroline, Adalyn, Elliot, and Chaney. They have earn spots and will be traveling to Louisville in February to perform with the Kentucky Children's Choir.

World Language with Señora Dashley

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What's going on in Spanish class?

In all grades, we are focusing on high frequency structures, structures that are the most often used in conversation, such as has, likes, is, and wants. Hence, we tell stories so that we may hear these structures in context. We focus on listening and reading in Spanish,

In 4th and 5th grade we are continuing to read "Capibara con botas." This is our first chapter book in Spanish and students are doing a fantastic job!!!

In 3rd grade, we are practicing structures, like "quiere" (wants) and "tiene" (has) by retelling a commercial from Spain.

In 2nd grade, we have finished our unit on monarch migration and have begun the lifecycle of a butterfly.

In 1st and kindergarten we are retelling the story of the 3 Little Pigs. In first, we will quickly move on to another fairy tale, after we have practiced story telling in Spanish class!

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Bright Ideas Family Night

Our Bright Ideas Family Night back in December was a fantastic event!

Thank you to all who participated and attended to make it a truly wonderful experience for our Johnson families.

Can't wait until our next family night!

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