Bull's Eye... Literally!

A Deeper Look Inside the Fiery Eye of Taurus, Aldebaran

Aldebaran: Fast Facts!

  • Aldebaran, an Orange Giant Star
  • It has a mass of 1.5 and a radius of 44.2
  • It is also classified as a type K star
  • Aldebaran is 65.23 light years from Earth!

Constellation and Myths?

Aldebaran belongs to the Taurus constellation, and is actually the eyeball for the Taurus bull. The name "Aldebaran" is from the Arabic for "The Follower".

Aldebaran's Tech & History

Aldebaran was first discovered in the year 1782 by William Hershel. To this day, humankind is still making new discoveries pertaining to Aldebaran. The Hipparcos satellite was a vital piece of technology in initially finding out how far away Aldebaran was from us.

The Future of Aldebaran?

This star is on the medium path of life, and it's already near the ending half of it's life cycle. As many more years progress, Aldebaran will eventually explode Becoming a white dwarf is the next thing to happen to Aldebaran, as this is what medium sized stars do.

Final Facts for the Future!

  • The Probe Pioneer 10 is heading towards Aldebaran right now, but won’t make it there for another couple million years.
  • On December 23rd, 2015, Aldebaran occulted with the moon. That means that the moon pretty much covered it up. It can be seen by the naked eye faintly, but if you happen to have a telescope or binoculars, that will help you see it with much more clarity.