Titanic Infograph

By: Alanna Roberts

What was the Titanic ?

Titanic was built in Belfast between 1909 and 1912. It was the second of three huge liners operated by the White Star Line and was the largest ship in the world. Titanic left the English port of Southampton on 10th April 1912 and sailed to Cherbourg in France where she picked up more passengers.

Her final port of call was Queens town in Ireland. On the night of 14th April she struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and was so badly damaged that she survived for less than three hours before she sank. Two thirds of Titanic’s passengers and crew were lost because there were not enough lifeboats to rescue everyone on board.

Survivors were picked up from the lifeboats by the Carpathia and taken to New York. Over 1500 people drowned.

separation of the people

On the Titanic there were 3 levels on the ship that separated the people. The first class were for the richer people, second class for the less richer people, and 3rd class for the poor people

In total

in first class there were 689 people in second class there were 674 people and in third class there were oddly 1,026