2nd Hand News

October 27-31

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We had an exciting Halloween week in 2nd grade! In addition to enjoying our parade, parents, and party, we learned a few things. We explored addition to the hundred millions place and recognized the repeating pattern of ones/tens/hundreds, using commas in big numbers to show "periods." We continued to edit a spooky story about a dark and stormy Halloween night. In spelling, we concentrated on the rule of plural -s vs. -es. Our dictionary zeal endures unabated. We also learned about tree parts, and the concept of diameter and rings=tree age during our small class when some of our friends are at Shop, making things out of trees.


  • Please consider signing up for the LASAGNA DINNER benefitting the 6th grade trip if you haven't already done so!
  • Our Churchville Nature Center's Lenape Village field trip is on November 10th from 8:45-2:15 pm. Please return the permission slip and chaperone interest slip.
  • If your child cannot find their HW folder, please let me know. It is the way things are transported to and from school every day, and it keeps things together better than the Backpack Vortex.
  • CALLING ALL DADS: Are there a few neckties in your closet that just aren't cool anymore? We will Give Thanks if you can send them in to be turned into something special this month. Please make sure that you are not attached to these questionable neckties as they will not be returned to you, making room for a new holiday necktie present.

Thank you, families, for the Halloween party refreshments!

With a smile,

Mrs. Nyce