Welcome to the Gateway to Australia

welcome to the gateway of australia

Historical sights and Landmarks

In sydney there is many famous land marks and historical like sydney harbor. It's a giant bridge that goes over the Sydney Opera House. A place to learn some history is the national museum of australia. In the museum you will find over hundreds of artifacts. in sydney there is many stuff to learn about so come to Sydney.

languages in Sydney

In sydney there is languages from all over the world so you never feel left out or alone. In sydney, however 80% of australia speaks englis. But in Australia you will never feel left out so come to Sydney

Climate and weather in Sydney

In Sydney the weather is perfect for swimming at the beach. A average temperature in a day, in sydney is about sixty to seventy degrees. In Sydney they don't use the metric system so its kinda herd to tell the temperature in Sydney. But in sydney we have perfect weather so come visit