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Edition 2.4 - February 2016

Read below to see how students have explored...1,200 steps, recovering classics, Spanish markets, prepositions in español, Japanese Koinobori, and a Carnival of Animals!

5th Grade Music with David Rockel (3-5 Music)

3rd Grade Art with Jennifer Flynn (3-5 Art)

4th Grade Spanish with Silvia McClamrock (3-5 Spanish)

2nd Grade Spanish with Julie Dashley (K-2 Spanish)

1st-2nd Grade Art with Nikki Everett (K-2 Art)

Kindergarten Music with Mary Scaggs (K-2 Music)

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5th Grade Music with Mr. Rockel

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The fifth grade students are learning about form in music class.

So far, we sang a song in ABCA, and then changed that to a Canon. We moved (1,200 steps on the “Fitbit”) to AABA while listening to Mozart and compared ABA to an Oreo cookie. The students even got to compose and perform their very own ABA form piece on the instruments in the music room. Finally, we celebrated Mozart’s birthday on January 27th.

David Rockel

3-5 Music Educator FTIS

3rd Grade Art with Mrs. Flynn

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Who decides what a book cover looks like?

An illustrator uses their imagination to design a book cover, but another artist is allowed to imagine the same book very differently. Each person can read the same book, and imagine the events, characters, and setting in a unique way. Third graders connect with their classroom author study by selecting a book, and redesigning it's cover. Art gives us a chance to share what we’ve imagined!

Several student book cover artworks from the district will be chosen to be on display at the Campbell County Public Library in Fort Thomas on Read Across America Day, March 2, 2016. Recovering the Classics 2016: Be watching for more information!

Jennifer Flynn

3-5 Visual Art Educator FTIS


Dreams really do come true. Two of our Johnson students, Marshall Anstaett and Anna McCoy, are performing in Cinderella as part of the Cincinnati Ballet. We are excited to see you actively living the arts!

Cinderella really is a pleasure; hilarious, touching and a heartening tale of love conquering everything standing in its way. Not for pessimists, to be sure. But for the hopeful souls among us, a treat."
–David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer

4th Grade Spanish with Señora McClamrock

En el mercado. Nivel A2

In the 4th grade, we continue to work with food vocabulary and being able to recognize pricing.

We watched a video about open air markets in Spain and answered questions in Spanish about how much things cost. In English, we took some time to talk about what it might be like culturally to live in an area where you don't buy your food in a big supermarket like Kroger. Lots of food for thought!

Silvia McClamrock

3-5 Spanish Educator FTIS

2nd Grade Spanish with Señora Dashley

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In 2nd grade we have been working hard on using prepositions to tell where things are located.

We are able to understand when someone tells us where something is located. We can also tell others where something is located, and we are just beginning to create a video of our skills in action! This week we began by making a short whole class video. Next week, we will write our outlines in small groups and then make the video the week after!

Watch this VIDEO to see our whole class model from Mrs. Hockney's second grade class at Moyer.

Julie Dashley

K-2 Spanish Educator FTIS

1st & 2nd Grade Art with Mrs. Everett

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This is my favorite (and busiest) time of the year in the art studio!

1st grade students are discovering Art from Asia this quarter in our culture unit. We have talked about the Japanese tradition of Koinobori, which is a fish kite or also known as a carp streamer. The first graders have been working on creating fish scale patterns and learning new ways to work with paper to create a 3D fish kite. The fish will displayed from the ceiling at all three schools.

The 2nd grade is focusing on African American Heritage. We have been discussing purposes for art and trying to determine "Why people make art?" "What is the art used for?" They have come up with their own art plan inspired by African American artists and have been busy working on really creative and original projects.

Nikki Everett

K-2 Visual Art Educator FTIS

Kindergarten Music with Mrs. Scaggs

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Each year the primary students learn about composers and their works.

In kindergarten we are learning all about Camille Saint-Saens. Mr. Saint-Saens wrote a piece called "The Carnival of the Animals." In this unit we are predicting how he would have written the music for the various animals (turtles move largo slow, elephants would use a large instrument to sound low and big, etc). While playing the music we have discussed how our predictions are correct and then have moved to the music, representing each animal. Now we are creating artwork that matches some of the animals. While listening, during their artwork creations, it is fun to hear the students say "Hey, this is the bird song," or "This is the lion roaring!"

Mary Scaggs - K-2 Music Educator FTIS

ART ROOM Donations

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Online Art Exhibits

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Cincinnati Art Museum - REC

Rosenthal Education Center: Open Tues – Sun, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Rosenthal Education Center (REC) is the new art education space inside the museum. Through dedicated interactive exhibition and studio space the collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum is brought to life for children of all ages. The REC encourages families to discover the Art Museum’s collection in a fun, immersive, hands-on and safe manner through a variety of experiences.

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Cincinnati Museum Center - Feb. 14: Appalachian Culture Fest

Experience the mountain culture of Appalachia during the Appalachian Culture Fest, an extension of the popular springtime Appalachian Festival held annually in May at Coney Island. Co-sponsored by the Appalachian Community Development Association, the event features great food, skilled mountain crafters selling handmade wares, traditional arts demonstrators, storytellers and performances by talented bluegrass musicians.

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