4th Grade Newsletter

January 19th - January 30th

Upcoming Events

The 4th Grade Fundraiser this year is Candygrams. The money we make will be used for Horizon City. Be looking for an order form to come home soon with all the details!

Friday, January 30th: Western Spirit Day

Conferences are coming up! They will be held on Wednesday, February 11th from 4:40 pm to 8 pm and all day Thursday, February 12th. Your conference slot will be the same as it was in the fall unless you need to change it. An email will be coming out in the next week informing you of your day and time. If you would like to change your day/time please let us know!

Keep sending in empty paper towel rolls and empty toilet paper rolls!!


This week we will learn about what it was like traveling on the Santa Fe and Oregon-California Trails. Students will be comparing and contrasting these two trails as well as comparing first and second hand accounts written about the trails.

On Friday students will start creating a gameboard that is trail travel related. Students will be coming up with 25 questions that tie into what we have learned about; trails, hardships, and landforms that pioneers encountered.


Wednesday, January 21st is the Topic 11 test. On Thursday we will start Topic 12: Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers with like Denominators.