Amazon Rainforest

By:AJ Smith

Three Crazy Facts

1.Tropical rainforests only cover about 6% of the Earth’s surface, but they are home to more than half the world’s total plant and animal species.

2.The rainforests have begun to be destroyed in the last 100 years to make way for farm land. Today, the rainforests are being destroyed by 1.5 acres every second.

3. If deforestation continues, we’ll completely lose the rainforests within the next 40 years.

Three Challenges The Rain forest is Facing

1.More than half of Earth’s rain forests have already been lost forever to the insatiable human demand for wood and arable land. Rain forests that once grew over 14 percent of the land on Earth now cover only about 6 percent.

2.The cattle industry uses slash-and-burn techniques to clear ranch land is killing the forest.

3. Hydroelectric projects flood acres of rain forest.This is kiling many animals and plants in the rain forest.


I learn that many people and animals depend on the rain forest to survive and for resources. I think the Amazon rain forest is very important to the people of the Amazon and all around the world because they provide so many resources and medicines to the entire world and help the world strive and develop. The has been helping out in the amazon rain forest. Their purpose is to keep the amazon biodiversity, culture, and heath.