- Land in Tejas! -

- 12.5 cents an acre in Stephen Fuller Austin's colony! -

Stephen F. Austin's Set Up In Tejas

Stephen F. Austin, an empresario, builds up his colony by excepting families or married couples in his land and selling 12.5 cents an acre! Many resources are nearby like rivers, and you can also plant crops on the land you own for food. You can have a fresh start, as in changing your identity or clean your criminal record, if you have one. These reasons build up his colony and it becomes more successful by the day.

Come To Tejas Now!

Empresario: Stephen Fuller Austin

Location: Between Colorado and Brazo Rivers in Tejas

Rules: No frontiersman who has no other occupation that of hunter will received - no drunkard, no gambler, no profane swearer, no idler. Must be married or have a family.