Fashion Styling for Men India

An overview of India Fashion Styling for Men

As women enjoy fashions, so do men, but fashion is not something everybody is blessed with. Many men do not understand anything about fashion and their dress sense is a disaster. There are different outfits for men, they are formal, informal and casual. Each one chooses his dress as per the occasion he is going to attend. For formal occasion very often a suit is used, especially if it is a business meeting attended by different heads of businesses or meetings of heads of state.

Men’s Formal Wear

There are few Indian designers who cater to men’s fashions. Here is one who has his establishment in Delhi, who is having a display of three piece suits for men. He has been in the designing business for twenty –five years and has won the designer of the year award. He also has exhibited crisp achkans for those who are interested in it. As the store opens youwill see the top echelons of society in the designer’s outfits to lend support to his new venture.

Today men’s wear is a thriving industry and men are taking interest in what they wear and how they wear. Men are shopping for themselves today and not going about with what mother or wife buys for them. This is an interesting time to be involved in the men’s dress industry as men are taking an interest in their dress. As the store opens you see a sky blue three piece for those who like light summer colors. While there are three piece suits in dark colors for those who prefer dark colors.

Classic Men’s Tailoring at its Best

The designer establishment in defense colony has classic suits in black and white which are ideal for business meetings in the summer months. There is a wide collection, dark brown pants with light brown coat to match. There is also a dark blue pant with a lighter coat to match, a blue coat with white pants, which is quite rare to see. Who could believe there is a red pant with a white jacket combination for men?

Formal men’s wear should always be accompanied with socks and leather shoes. There are so many outfits that help men to look dashing like the Sherwani which is used by men for marriages. There is also kurta Pajamas which is very comfortable and decent but not ideal for office wear.

A few Tips to help Men in make their Choice

When men dress up whether they are going to office or for a formal occasion they should always match their socks with their outfit or they can use one in a contrasting color like white socks with brown pants. When going out for the evening never use sun glasses as it looks very awkward. Red leather boots look very nice on men provided they match the casual outfit they are wearing. Jeans look very nice on men for casual wear but they should cover the briefs properly not leave them exposed.

Some men like to wear thick gold chains, which appear too much on men but as some prefer to wear it they can use it inside their shirt not exposed like the ladies do. When you are wear a suit the shirt should match with the suit and not be completely contrasting. Wearing a shirt with all buttons open does not look very decent.

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