3rd Grade Cardinal Chronicle

April 29, 2014

Come Take A Ride With Us

We are in a very busy part of the year, so expect a roller coaster ride as we wind things down! Last week we finished up our invention projects, met new friends in Colorado and Arizona, and began our NWEA testing. As we wrap up the rest of this school year you can expect things to continue on the same crazy track! We have ISTEP this week and next, a fun field trip coming up, a lot of learning still to do, and a few more Mystery Skypes! So...sit back, relax (ha!), and enjoy the ride!

What's Happening in 3rd Grade?

Upcoming Events

This Week....

  • Monday, April 28- Music
  • Tuesday, April 29- Art
  • Wednesday, April 30- PE & ISTEP testing 1:30-3:30
  • Thursday, May 1- Music
  • Friday, May 2- Art & ISTEP testing 2:30-3:30

Next Week...

  • Monday, May 5- PE & Library
  • Tuesday, May 6- Music & ISTEP testing 9:15-10:15
  • Wednesday, May 7- Art
  • Thursday, May 8- PE
  • Friday, May 9- Music

More Future Dates...

  • Friday, May 16th- Space Port Indiana "field trip"
  • Monday, May 26th- No School- Memorial Day
  • Friday, May 30th- Last Day of School for Students

Curriculum News


We are currently learning about data and graphing. This week will learn to make and read line plots, pictographs, and bar graphs.


  • We are looking at different types of fiction writing. We are learning about different traits of characters, looking at sequence of events and how it contributes to a story, discussing cause and effect, and finding the author's message.
  • We will continue to read and discuss books in our small guided reading groups.
  • During Daily 5 we will continue to Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work on Writing, Listen to Reading, and do Word Work. During this time we will also have time to research and work on our Genius Hour questions.


We are writing fiction stories during writing time. We will work on creating scenes that show a character's struggles. We will use our time line of events, to help show major turning points for our characters. The problems will get worse and worse until it gets better. If you want to talk to your child about this, just call it PP1, AWESOME, and PP2...they learned this from our guest author.

Words their Way/Spelling

No Spelling this week or next due to ISTEP testing.


Rocks and Minerals- The students will be learning about rocks and minerals through hands-on activities.