Spring 2013 Quarterly Newsletter


Welcome to our Spring Newsletter. This newsletter goes out to past and present volunteers, donors, supporters, and to all those interested in learning what we are up to. This edition of the newsletter features:

  • Goodbye to Terry Tack, a long-serving Salud Juntos board member.
  • Programming updates in Honduras and Nicaragua
  • US Updates

Salud Juntos continues to evolve as an organization, and we encourage you to contact us with questions or comments on how we are doing. We strongly believe in the participation of our community including our clients in Honduras, volunteers from the US and Central America, and our supporters. We strive to improve our connections with everyone involved in Salud Juntos and we urge you to further your involvement through your interest, participation, and donations. With your support, we are a more sustainable organization that can reach out to more wider communities. To donate to Salud Juntos, please visit our donation page. Thank you for your interest in our organization and we hope you enjoy the newsletter!

Be well,

Sheridan and Board of Salud Juntos

Thank you and Goodbye to Board Member Terry Tack

Terry Tack has provided exceptional service to Salud Juntos and to the people of Honduras. Below is a letter from Sheridan in response to his resignation that provides a small glimpse into Terry's contribution to the La Guacamaya community. Thank you for all of your hard work, Terry. You will be very missed.


I would first like to thank you for the tremendous legacy that you have left in Honduras. The tradition of service to the people of Yoro, including the constuction and staffing of two clinics, direct service to thousands of patients, the provision of hundreds of pairs of glasses, the flowing of countless gallons of pure water, and the sharing of human, material, and spiritual resources which you have catalyzed and facilitated, is truly inspiring. I have heard the story of the beginnings of your work in Honduras several times, including from you directly, and what has always struck me is how confidently, completely, and impactfully your heart was moved to help a very foreign community through a very tenuous connection. It has been a pleasure to follow in your wake.

I wish you all the best and (loudly) applaud and thank you for your work with Salud Juntos and in the community of La Guacamaya.

Keep in touch,


Picture: Terry Tack (right) with community members in La Guacamaya.
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Programming Updates

  • In early August board member Dr. Jeff Harris, med student volunteer Erin Cooley, Honduran promotora Cristina Nunez, and ED Sheridan Reiger visited Nicaragua to work with the NGO AMOS Health (www.amoshealth.org) to help them develop programming for high blood pressure prevention and treatment. Sheridan is conducting a full analysis of community data that was collected by AMOS. This analysis will inform future work in this community.
  • Cristina, the Community Health Worker from the clinic in La Guacamaya now participates in programming calls which improves communication between the US Salud Juntos headquarters and the Honduras-based clinic. We continue to be impressed by her dedication to the organization and the community.
  • In March, promotoras in Honduras visited 9 schools through our Bocas Saludables program to help children learn how to brush their teeth and provide fluoride treatment. More than 500 children learned to brush with the promotoras!
  • Promotoras in Punta Ocote visited 74 patients in their homes to check their blood pressure and review their medications. This work is in addition to the service they provide for members of the hypertension groups in the community.
  • Salud Juntos continues to provide food to families in need through our "familias en crisis" program. Below are some photos of the families that received food this past month.

Pictures: Families from our "Familias en Crisis" program

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US Updates

  • In February, Salud Juntos held a very fun trivia event at Wallingford Pizza House that raised $500 with very little work. We are hoping to get another similar event organized for the Spring academic quarter. Check our website for updates: saludjuntos.org.
  • Website: We plan to use the website to connect better with both volunteers and donors. The site is well done and easy to navigate, so our next step is to promote the website among those interested in learning more about Salud Juntos. We will post more frequent updates on our blog as well.
  • Board members: Member Terry Tack will leaving the board. We have been fortunate to have his guidance over the years (see more above).
  • Tom Garland will be the new Vice President of the Salud Juntos board. We look forward to his leadership as Salud Juntos grows.