2 Book Project

By: David Yoo

Book:The Recruit

Author:Robert Muchamore

Number of Pages:352

Genre: Action

Lexile Measure: 660

The book cover

What It`s About

This story is about a boy named James. His life was normal, until his mother died. He got sent to a foster home, and then got recruited by CHERUB. CHERUB is a top secret British spy agency. It is part of M15, which is like the CIA or the FBI. The reason why they use kids is because adults don`t suspect anything about children. You have to go through basic training though. Basic training is when you train for missions. James passes, and goes on his first mission. He is going to fight environmental extremist who uses bio weapons.


The person/character that changed the most was James, the main character. In the beginning of the story, he was an average american 12 year old. He was a bit chubby, a bully, spoiled, rich, didn`t do school work, coudn`t swim, and was lazy. At the end, he was tough, nice, had no more fat because of his training, not spoiled,put his money into his and sister`s bank account,did all his work in his new school, could swim, and was no longer lazy. He is a totally different person now.

The Person That was Important

A person who was minor but important is Kyle, because he was the person who scouted James and recruited him. He is also a kid, and he`s in CHERUB. If it wasn`t for him, he`ll still be a bad person, and would not be in CHERUB. He is also James best friend.

The Ending

I think the ending was a good one because they stop the terrorist from using the virus, and because he becomes healthy again. It also makes you want to read the next book in the series, since several members of the terrorist group escape. The terrorist group is called Help Earth.

CHERUB: The Recruit Trailer (2013)(HD)
Cherub - The Recruit Trailer (HD)

Robert Muchamore

Robert Muchamore is the author of the CHERUB series. He is a fan of the Alex Rider Series, and he wanted to make a series sort of like the Alex Rider series. The Recruit is his first CHERUB book in the series.