Energy sources

By: Nithin, Sophie Grace, Modesto, Ninika

Why we should use alternative energy sources

Now we are going to talk about the positive effects of alternative energy. One way alternative energy is good is that it is renewable it will always be there or it will come back in a reasonable time. Another good thing about alternative energy is that it is more friendly to the environment than fossil fuels are. Some types of alternative energy are wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, biofuels, and hydroelectric energy. All of these are very environment friendly except biofuels but still it is more friendly than fossil. Also these resources can also reduce your electric, and air conditioning bills.

Ways we can save money

Remove unneeded light fixtures near windows, especially in unused corners or along banks of windows 100 to 200 dollars

Add solar panels to save more solar energy and help THE school save power

Add geothermal Wells so it helps us so we can do a fundraiser to raise money

Have real fans instead of air conditioners

Energy should come from the solar panels that we add.

We can add an eco pond and have a really big garden

The garden can grow vegetables and the cafeteria can use sometimes

We make our pond into a small waterfall and have a generator

Add wind mills around the school connecting to our power source, so that when it is windy the mills will start to move and it will start to convert the wind into alternative energy. Eventually the excess energy will store up and we will have a backup power source even when there is no wind.

Solar energy

Installing solar panels has many benefits such as not having to depend on fossil fuels. fossil fuels are horrible for the environment also there is a finite amount of it. Global warming threatens the survival of human life and the survival of animals lucky centuries of research led to the discovery of solar energy. Solar energy is a clean pure energy source. Solar energy is harnessing the energy that is radiated from the sun. That energy is converted into electricity. We are able to use that electricity to help power the school. The advantages of using solar power is that we can save up to 33333.33 dollars yearly if we install solar panels.

Wind energy

We should also we should install wind turbines the money we can save with wind turbines comes on a long term basis yearly you can see the money saved. Also the electricity that a wind creates really depends on how windy the area where you place the wind turbine is. The cost to buy a wind turbine is 48000 the cost to install it can be from 40000 to 68000. The wind turbine pays for itself over a period of years. It seems like a lot but if 1000 people gave 88 dollars it would pay for the costs. Also we can ask for a grant from the government to help fund this project. The cons of buying these items is that we save money over a long period of time.

Geothermal energy

How geothermal energy works. The way a geothermal system works is that you pump water down through the pipes in the the system the water turns into steam by all of the from the earth the steam is pumped back up through the pipe the steam powers a turbine that powers a generator which create electricity the steam then goes into a condenser which turns the steam into water. That water is pumped down the pipes to start the process again.

How we can Raise money

To raise money to pay for these energy sources. We can do a candy bar sale for our school. Also we can have a chick-fil-a competition. People who buy 10 sandwiches receive a free chip pass for lunch. Whoever buys 25 sandwiches get a 4 homework passes for their classes. We can do bake sales for a way to make for our costs, Also they can have a school dance and have and game day and for the game day you have to pay 5 dollars to compete be able to play all the games and we will give prizes.