United States Banking

Jordan Ratliff

1791 Bank of the US

Called the first bank of the United States, was a national bank Chartered for a term of twenty years by the united states

1816 Second Bank of the US

Second federally authorized bank

Civil War (printing currency)

Greenbacks were the paper currency used.

1863 National Banking Act

Asserted some degree of Federal control of the banking industry

1913 Federal Reserve Act

Established to get some sort of financial stability through the introduction of the Central bank

1930 Great Depresssion (banking)

Everyone knew that the stock markets were crashing so they pulled all their money out of the banks and it caused them to collapse.

Glass Steagall Banking Act

Separated the commercial and investment banking


The easy money policy of the 1970s caused high inflation.


Two banks had to be bailed out by the government because they took too many risks.

1999 Gramm Leach Bliley Act

Known as the Financial Services Modernization Act.