Room 216 News

March Madness--is it the weather?

Reading Update

Please remember that our subscription to RAZ-Kids is active. Parents may log in to check progress. Each student should log in as often as possible, preferably at least two times a week. It is a great tool to practice reading aloud which will help each of us increase our fluency. In class we will soon begin reading non-fiction. This type of reading requires attention to the details often found in captions, headings, sub-titles, and illustrations. At home this can be supported by modeling reading newspapers, on-line news, and magazines. Thank you for supporting your student's reading.

Writing Update

Be proud of your child's diligence!

Each of the students has worked extremely hard to master fifth grade grammar and writing. They recently took a "practice" grammar portion of a released Standards of Learning (SOL) test and came away as budding masters. Hopefully, you have seen this come home in the Monday folder.

The actual assessment is scheduled for Thursday this week, March 20th to be followed by the short paper portion (essay) on Friday March 21st. Please support your child's success by ensuring proper rest precedes the test. We know this is just one snapshot of their writing ability and try not to stress over it. We have pondered each of the prompt possibilities by discussing and writing interesting introductions or by gathering vivid vocabulary choices we may include if given a particular prompt. The students have done a commendable job. Please PRAISE their efforts!

Mrs. Morris' portaportal site with guest access, kmorris2, has several grammar games or practice sites the students may visit to brush up on portions of grammar they may feel are rusty. Most of the games are just fun ways to stay tuned into proper grammar.

The students and I are looking forward to a "grammar-free" day sometime next week. It is hard to imagine how we may be speaking by the end of that day:)