culture of chad

the people

The people of chad are 9.5 million strong. The people of chad speak chadian, which is a mixture of a few languages such as arabic, french, fulani. They are an very friendly people. over half th population is muslim so the country is practicley based on muslim. Also they are very clean all there clothes are ironed, cleaned, and mended. Mother will usually scold there children for getting dirty.
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customs and courtesies

Gesture chad people have many gesture. Many are different from the U.S. Chadians knock by clapping there hands outside the door or the front gate. How they raises there hand in class is by snapping there fingers. Also eating is different breakfest they usually have leftover form the day before. lunch is the main meal of the day ,with dinner is at sun down
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life style

Family is the cornerstone of chadian society. Men have many wives and children. Dating and Marriage, marriages are usually planned. Women usually marry in teens, men in twenties. Recreation, women talk and drink, men tell stories, young men play soccer. Chadians are very interesting.
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