Mrs. Trout's Weekly News

September 12-16th

Here is what we learned this week:

Language Arts: We learned the new sight words I and am. Students learned to read, write and use in speech these words. We read the concept book I help We discussed the different ways we help at school. We pointed out our new sight words in the book. We also read the big book I am so proud. We discussed the characters in the story and sequenced the events of the story. We learned the amazing words: cooperation, proud, creation, preparation, float and guide. Students were able to recognize these words and apply them correctly when speaking about the story. Students learned that the genre of the book is realistic fiction. Students discussed ways that they are proud. Then the Students used their new sight words I and am and wrote about how they were proud. Example: I am so proud of my baby brother.

Phonics / Handwriting: We learned the letters C and D. Student had the opportunity to brainstorm words that begin with these letters. Students completed a variety of activities where they had to identify, write and illustrate words that begin with those letters. Students were taught the proper way to hand write the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Math: Students focused on learning the numbers 1-10. We learned to identify, write and count using one to one correspondence with these numbers. Students completed numerous activities using manipualtives to help them learn their number sense. Students learned to sequence the numbers in order. Students worked in small math groups to complete activities which they will utilize the i-pad, computers , hands on manipualtives and math number handwriting centers. We also focused on the concept of greater than and less than. Students learned a song about an alligator who likes to eat the greater number. We learned the symbols for greater than and less than.

Social Studies: We completed a unit titled "All About Me"! We read a variety of books describing how we are alike and different. Students discussed, wrote and illustrated about their favorite things. We will also learned about our school helpers and discussed how they help us at school. We interviewed Mr. Rodia and learned more about his job. We made a class book about the helpers in our school.

Pictures of the week:

Book Talks are the best- Students from different reading groups read books to each other and discussed the stories!

Math Centers

Popcile Party!


  • Please remember to bring in a Granny Smith and any other vareity for your child on Monday!
  • Please sign up for your child's SEE-SAW online digital portfolio. If you cannot find the login information I will send you another copy. It is a great way to stay connected and informed of your child's progress in school.
  • Monday is dress down in your favorite Eagles or Bears gear or green for the Eagles and Brown and Orange for the Bears.
  • Remember your child needs to bring their blue communication folders every night!
  • Parents please keep all of the papers from your child's paper in the keep section and return the papers in the read complete and return section.
  • The first PAC meeting will be on 9/21 at 6:00. It is a great way to get involved!

Have a great weekend! See you tonight for Movie Night!!!