Three Blind Mice


One day, three blind mice, were roaming through a farm when suddenly they had their tails cut off by the farmers wife. They immediately called the police who placed the farmer's wife under arrest, and the police put her in jail. A Grand Jury concluded that there was sufficient evidence to believe that she had committed the crime and that she should be put on trial. She was officially charged in an indictment with a felony for assault on the three blind mice. A date was set for her arraignment. At her arraignment bail was set for $10,000. She was unable to pay for a lawyer, so a public defender was appointed to assist her. She did not plead guilty and therefore was not eligible for plea bargaining.


The farmers wife went through a few preliminary hearings, and a date was set for her trial with her as the defendant. Her husband was handed a subpoena to appear in court as a witness. The judge and the Petit Jury were there to hear the case and issue a verdict. The prosecution presented a strong case and she was found guilty of assaulting the three blind mice. She was convicted for the crime, and of perjury, due to her lying in her testimony. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison and did not appeal the decision.