Full restoration in Petrota Evros

Asking Price 14,950 EUR - Subject to Contract

A one bedroom house overlooking the hill village of Petrota

Constructed just after World War II this compact house has recently come on the market, together with its next door neighbor. Each property was owned by one of two brothers - one went to work in Germany and one stayed at home - but this particular property on offer is the lesser of the two, and is in need of extensive restoration. Used as a village house until the recent passing of the owner, it only has the most basic amenities to offer a prospective purchaser. Despite this, the house is basically sound, is waterproof and dry, but would need some investment to bring it up to a habitable standard or ready for the property market.

Presently it has water and electricity and a very interesting facility at the bottom of the garden for those prone to nostalgia and memories of times gone by! The basement or lower ground floor seems to have two good sized dry rooms - although inspection was difficult - offering a further opportunity for expanding the existing accommodation by perhaps providing a further bedroom and bathroom.

Overlooking the 'vasty fields' of Evros, from this perspective you can see both Edirne and Svilengrad in the distance. Sitting above the Hill Village of Petrota it nestles beneath the Greek Rhodopi Mountains, but is within walking distance of local food shops, restaurants and cafes. There is a Chemist shop in nearby Ormenio with a Polyclinic in Dikea, and there is a regular bus service to Orestiada. Those with a car can do their major shop either at Lidyl or Carrefour in Orestiada, or at Billa and Penny Wise in nearby Svilengrad in Bulgaria. They are both within a twenty minute drive from the village.

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Petrota has always been a Greek village

Even during the Turkish occupation this village was wholly Greek, although the surrounding lands were once occupied by Turkish farmers, prior to the Great Migration.

Gross internal dimentions

100 sq meters

1100 sq ft

Room Sizes

Most rooms are 4 meters x 3.70 meters - Greeks use a standard measurement for many such buildings in the villages.


There is a shared garden which runs away from the rear of the house with a cherry tree and chicken run. Parking is at the side of the house with a aging gateway.