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Maussane les Alpilles is a lovely Provencal village that's situated on the old Roman Aix to Arles road, but there's hardly any left in the village otherwise to connect it with the Roman occupation. It's thought that the Romans began the tradition of collecting olives and this tradition has multiplied to the level where at one stage there were 12 oil mills in the village, and although you will find fewer nowadays, Maussane together with its neighbor Mouries, are in the middle of the main essential olive oil producing region in France. You will not be surprised to master in regards to the beautiful landscape being dominated by olive trees! These trees are particularly appealing to us Brits, as we love the gnarled top features of the oldest ones and I believe we love the sense of history as some olive trees may be over 1000 years old.

Maussane could be the first step on "the Olive Trail" and if you will want suggestion regarding how to taste the oil, you can make a "peche mignon" by simply drizzling some essential olive oil on some bread or even some goats cheese and add a slice of tomato, delicious bulgarian forex trading!

It has 4 historic monuments the you ought to take a look at, the 18th century chapel of St Croix, the 15th century chapel de Monblan, the 18th century chapel of St Roman and the 14th century château Querry. There's also ancient communal washing areas, the Quatre Saisons fountain, the oratories and the Santon Museum. Santons are rather gaudy ceramic figurines made in your community and much loved by the French.

can also offer walking, hiking, a swimming pool, and even has its bullfighting ring that's used for more than just bullfighting nowadays. However, they do still stage the odd bull-fight, which many Brits feel only a little strange about, the deliberate baiting of a dog for sport and spectacle is definitely not my notion of holiday entertainment, however I guess you should respect the traditions, which are far more entrenched to the south in the Camargue area than this area. There's also fishing, the inevitable petanque also known in the others of France as boule, arts and crafts festivals from time to time, and a good horse show.

About 6 km's away could be the charming village of Le Baux De Provence. It has the absolute most fantastic views from the the top of village, commanding the high ground since it does, and the village is busy with craft shops, santon makers, essential olive oil producers and a variety of surprises to get through exploration. It boasts of over 20 historical monuments and also claims to host over 1.5 million visitors each year, so don't expect it to be tranquil kak peceljat pari!

There are always a handful of interesting hotels in Maussane, but they're interesting rather than conforming to many international standards. Greater to find to rent an exclusive villa in or around the location, as there are numerous to be found and several agencies focused on finding you the right choice for your needs. Views are offered almost without exception, many have pools and the fee may be surprisingly reasonable for the features offered weighed against a hotel. There's also a campsite in the village.

Addressing Maussane is really a little tricky. You will need an automobile because the idea of public transport doesn't seem to have occurred to the people of deepest Provence. The nearest airport if Marseilles about 70 km's distant with numerous regular services into London, many of the bigger French towns and cities, such as Paris, and some flights to many centers in Europe. Nimes also comes with an airport serviced by Ryan air but with only Liverpool, London and Brussels to choose from as a destination it is really a bit limited.