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Antrim Elementary School November 5, 2021

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Muzart News

In the Muzart room at AES we develop Studio Habits of Mind - Develop Craft, Express, Stretch and Explore, Observe, Reflect, Understand the Art World, Engage and Persist and Envision. These are from the TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) approach to teaching our youth about artmaking and art. In grades K-2 we focus many art studio classes on learning techniques and how to use art tools and materials as well as art history. Some lessons are teacher directed with choice integrated throughout the art making process. In grades 3 and 4, students continue to learn various art making methods and about the art world of other artists. We work on W.O.W. (Wonderful Original Works) each trimester.

When artwork is on exhibit or goes home for display, please remember that the student is the artist and they created it using their own ideas, techniques, choice and style. Student artists are encouraged to problem solve, take risks and reflect on their art process. Conversations with their peers and with adults are part of the process when reflecting on and making revisions to their work. Here a few questions you can ask your student artist when you look at their work:

Tell me about your artwork.

What was your idea? What did you envision?

What did you want your artwork to show or express?

What was hard for you? How did you solve any challenges?

What was your favorite part about making your artwork?

The photo is of Mrs. Moore’s third grade artists W.O.W projects on display at AES.

You can visit to learn more about this approach to teaching art.


The PTO has several upcoming events that we are looking for help with.

The first is the Turkey Trot on Friday, November 12th. Volunteers are needed from 1 pm-3 pm to help prepare, set up, and serve beverages to the students.

Our next PTO meeting will be Thursday, December 2nd. We will be meeting to plan and prepare for the Scholastic Book Fair Event. This event extends from December 14th-17th. We are looking for volunteers to help set up and break down the book fair, as well as people to help run it each of the four nights and support other activities that may be going on in the school as part of this literacy focused event.

Please contact if you are willing and able to help with either of these fun events for our AES students.

Thank you so much! - The AES PTO

A Note from Mrs. Edwards in the Office

Pickup Patrol: If you know your child is going to be late or absent, please add that into Pickup Patrol in the morning. If your child is going to be late, please indicate if they will be ordering school lunch and if so, do they want Lunch A or Lunch B and white or chocolate milk. Lunch orders need to be in by 9:30 to ensure the lunch staff has time to prepare.

Tae Kwon Do: I am going to add Tae Kwon Do as a dismissal option so any students that participate in that program will have that as their dismissal option on Thursdays.

I wish you a wonderful November! ~ Mrs. Edwards

Virtual Reality in the Library

Rollercoasters and Fishing Trips! Third grade and fourth grade students have been taking a step towards using a new learning platform here at AES. Our school is piloting the use of an Oculus VR headset. Currently, we are just testing it out, but we see an endless amount of possibilities. We plan on delving more into this opportunity more in the near future. Imagine taking a field trip to the Louvre or on top of Mount Everest. The possible applications of this technology are exciting!

Pumpkin Fun in First Grade

First-graders have been having fun with pumpkins!

We measured our class pumpkins with cubes and made guesses about how many seeds were inside. We watched giant pumpkin boat races and started creating our own imaginary pumpkin boat artwork and stories. We read these two stories about mice and pumpkins, and we’re drawing details from the stories. This will help us work together to make a big chart showing how the stories are the same and different.

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Photos from around the school