Vulcan Vacations

A Hot Place to Be!


Welcome to Vulcan Vacations! Here on Vulcan Island, we have many enjoyable activities, both relaxing and thrilling, and all of them accompanied by our 3 volcanoes. In the middle of the island we have our shield volcano. On the north side we have our cinder cone and our composite on the west. Our team welcomes you to Vulcan Island

The Shield volcano

This is the volcano that formed the island, with its gently sloping sides and layers of cooled lava. It is the largest volcano, and has many attractions. Our most popular is the hot tub near the mouth of the volcano. It is heated by the lava from the volcano, and you can relax watching lava ooze and flow out of the mouth of our volcano. As the lava from this volcano is very runny, we welcome you to go lava flow rafting in our lava flows in our special heatproof rafts. However, we will warn you that each ride will be different, as the constantly layering lava will make for some unexpected surprises on your ride. Our shield volcano is a good place to relax and ride on runny lava.

cinder cone

Our staff also welcomes you to the tallest volcano in our resort, our cinder cone volcano. Your children will love sliding down the steep slopes of this volcano, but it will be closed now and then when the volcano gets smaller, as it is easily eroded because it is made out of ash, cinders, cooled pieces of lava. This attraction is also closed when the volcano is in its active state. Even though this volcano, when it's erupting, is very majestic, we're sure you would not like incandescent ash and lava bombs raining on your vacation. Our cinder cone volcano also offers a hike through its lava tubes, where it's lava once flowed. We are sure you would like to visit our cinder cone volcano.


Our composite volcano is the most volatile of our volcanoes, and our resort has been devastated more than once due to its rage. However, it contains many attractions, and pumps that lower the pressure within the magma chamber will ensure this beast will not erupt again. For our first attraction, we will offer tours of a tunnel we drilled, and a guide will explain the layers of lava and cinders that formed this volcano. We also have a eruption pod. Our pumps will pump lava back into the chamber and your pod, sitting on the floor of the caldera, will be blasted upwards by the explosion. You can then open out your pod's wings and view the cloud. For the next few days however, you will need to remain indoors while our staff clear the ash. The composite is the most thrilling show of power at our resort.