Book review



Ella and Olivia are sisters. Ella is seven years old and Olivia is five-and-a-half years old.

The two sisters have a little brother called Max. The story begins when Ella's best friend Zoe came over to Ella's and Olivia's house. Zoe likes to ride horses and she asks Ella and Olivia if they would like to come to the competition to cheer her up. Ella and Olivia said that they would love to come.

When they were at the competition a lady saw Ella with a pony and she thought that she was in the competition so she took her with the pony to a marshalling area. Ella was nervous and excited because she wanted to be in the pony competition but she did not know how to ride a horse. Olivia saw that Ella was on the pony so she quickly went to find Zoe and told everything to her.

Zoe quickly went to her horse to find Ella. Olivia thought that Zoe is a great friend that she was going to help Ella and missed the competition. Zoe quickly stopped Ella and the pony

. Zoe's parents were shocked. Zoe missed her competition but she got a purple ribbon that said " Best and Fairest " . That day Ella and Olivia learned that even when you have a competition and your friend is in trouble you should help your friend because winning a competition you can win anytime and anywhere. :)


There is Ella, Olivia, Zoe, Max and Zoe's parents. Also Hattie - Zoe's horse and Jett - Zoe's pony.

Ella - seven years old girl with brown hair. She is a bit jealous that Zoe has a horse, but she tries not to show it, she keeps it safe inside her, she also cheers for people to win and she likes being with her little sister Olivia.

Olivia - Ella's five-and-a- half years old sister with brown hair. She cares about her sister very much when she is in trouble.

Zoe - Ella's best friend with black hair and brown eyes. Zoe is a nice friend she does not mind about losing competition only helping her friends. She cares about keeping every one safe especially her best friend Ella.


At the beginning the story was set at Ella's and Olivia's house. After a little while it was set at the equestrian competition.


My favourite part was when Ella was riding Zoe's pony because it was slightly funny when Ella said if Jett does not go fast then everything will be alright and then Jett when a bit more faster.

The part that made me really laugh was when Olivia was running really fast to tell Zoe that Ella was on the horse because it looked actually like there was a bushfire or something dangerous happening because Olivia ran very fast.

The message was that if you are in a competition or something else and a friend or even not friend needs help, still it is more important to help the person then winning because you can win another time.

I would truly recommend this book to anyone because it is a good book and gives you smart lesson and some good advises for everyone.