By Austin Walter

What is a tornado ?

1A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth.And a cumulonimbus cloud in the sky to preform very high winds that can cause natural disasters.

Negitive Impact

Atmosphere- A tornado puts all kinds of stuff in the air like gas,heat and parts of stuff we use in everyday life like trees plants cars, parts of house.

Land- When a tornado hits land it is most likely to destroy all of the natural habitat's and ecosystem's. This also can kill many living things such as animals and human's.

Water-In a ocean the high winds could start a hurricane this could whip out the city.

Postive Impact

atmosphere- When a tornado comes, it keeps its heat in the air.

land- When a tornado comes it moves all kinds od seeds to new places to start a new habitat.

Water- It leaves useful water, for the ecosystem

Effect On Ecostsystem

If a tornado hits a forest, the ecosystem will be destroyed and will force the community to get MAD witch means they will Move, Abandon, or die in the tornado. This will cause them to from a new habitat and also find a new ecosystem.
Tornado Destruction

Cause And Effect