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The West Austin Neighborhood Group

invites everyone to our Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 24, 2021

from 12 noon to 2 pm

All neighbors are invited to attend.

OCTOBER 24, 2021 (tomorrow)

in this Issue.....

  • Annual Meeting Announcement
  • President's Message - by Holly Reed
  • Save Muny
  • News from Mayfield Park - by Blake Tollett
  • WANG Board Contacts
  • City of Austin Council Contacts
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension -
  • What's Happening around Austin




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The West Austin Neighborhood Group Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, October 24th, 2021, from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM at the Lions Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse and Patio.

Lunch and beverages will be provided by Cisco’s, the new concession vendor at MUNY! Come out and meet your neighbors, hear neighborhood updates, and JOIN WANG!!

We’ll also have an election for certain directors during this meeting.

Look for more information on our Annual Meeting in our October Newsletter in your mailbox!

Neighborhood Annual Social

Sunday, Oct. 24th, 12-2pm

2901 Enfield Road

Austin, TX

WHEN: Sunday October 24

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


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current & renewing memberships

receive free meal tickets!

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President's message

by Holly Reed

I hope this message finds our neighbors well, and continuing to practice safety measures that will prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It’s good to see our neighborhood recovering, as we approach the end of the second year of pandemic. I am truly grateful for all the people, schools and businesses in our neighborhood that have helped to keep our community healthy, safe and aware. This has been a very challenging time for everyone, and I commend our neighbors on all their efforts. Our own Tarrytown Pharmacy will be celebrating 80 years serving the neighborhood in December of this year! They have provided COVID-19 testing and vaccines throughout the pandemic to help neighbors stay safe. Please join me in thanking them for their faithful service to our area!

And speaking of our area, WANG is excited to be hosting our Annual Meeting and Social in person again this fall! Please join us at Lions Municipal Golf Course, 2901 Enfield Road, at 12 PM on Sunday October 24th outdoors on the patio. Come meet your neighbors, join WANG or renew your membership, hear announcements and the latest neighborhood news. Brunch and beverages will be provided.

The City of Austin has two Propositions on the ballot for the November 2, 2021 Election. In addition, there are eight proposed Constitutional Amendments.

Proposition A will greatly impact the entire City. In order to provide information on these propositions, WANG co-hosted a Non-Partisan Neighborhood Association Forum on the Ballot Propositions, on October 13, 6:30 PM via Zoom. Panelists from Save Austin Now and No Way on Prop presented the pros and cons of Proposition A and answered neighbors’ pre-submitted questions. In addition, the City’s CFO Ed Van Eenoo answered questions about how Prop A could be funded, and Austin Police Dept. Chief Joseph Chacon answered questions about current police staffing and response times.

Information on pros and cons of Proposition B was also presented, and the Constitutional Amendments were presented. A video recording of the forum is posted on the WANG website at www.westaustinng.com. We encourage all neighbors to watch this recording before voting!

Although WANG has not taken a stance either for or against Proposition A, we are concerned that the City of Austin be able to adequately fund not only our police department, but also fire department, EMS, parks, libraries and other essential public services.

You can read more information on these websites:

For Proposition A: Save Austin Now – https://www.saveaustinnowpac.com/

Against Proposition A: No Way on Prop A - https://nowaypropa.com/

Proposition A Ballot Language:

“Shall a petitioned ordinance be approved to enhance public safety and police oversight, transparency and accountability by adding a new chapter 2-16 to establish minimum standards for the police department to ensure effective public safety and protect residents and visitors to Austin, and prescribing minimal requirements for achieving the same at an estimated cost of $271.5 million – $598.8 million over five years?”

Proposition B Ballot Language:

“Shall the City Council be authorized to convey or lease approximately 9 acres of parkland currently used as the Central Maintenance Complex (CMC) located at 2525 S. Lakeshore Blvd. through a public bidding process, where the total value of the bid is equal to or greater than the appraised fair market value of CMC, in exchange for at a minimum: 1) at least 48 acres of waterfront land contiguous to an existing City park; and 2) the cost or construction of a new maintenance facility for the Parks and Recreation Department on other city-owned land; and 3) partial or full funding for the removal of Fiesta Gardens’ existing maintenance facility and restoration of that land to parkland?”

A brief description of each City of Austin proposition can be found at: http://austintexas.gov/page/november-2021-election

Early voting: October 18, 2021-October 29, 2021.


This year Austin must “redraw” the City Council District boundaries on the map. An Independent Citizens Redistricting Committee (ICRC) has been tasked with the redistricting, based on census data, and public input from residents of the districts. According to the City’s website, “Austin has a process for residents to redraw the boundaries of the council districts every ten years. The boundaries of the council districts greatly impact Austin’s government and will shape how residents are represented for the next decade.”

All of the West Austin Neighborhood Group area is part of District 10. Additionally, the Central West Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan area is covered by District 10. During our September meeting, the WANG Board voted to submit a map proposal that keeps all of WANG in District 10. WANG is also requesting that the eastern boundary of District 10 remain the same, south of 45th St.

The ICRC intends to finalize the new District Map by November 1st.

Opportunities to give public input to the ICRC are listed on the Redistricting website: https://redistrictatx.org/and a Preliminary Map can be seen on this page: https://www.speakupaustin.org/city-of-austin-redistricting

Land Development Code Revision Lawsuit Update

The City’s appeal of Judge Soifer’s ruling in favor of protest rights, which stopped the Land Development Code Revision (aka CodeNext) from moving forward, will have a hearing in Houston’s 14th Court of Appeals on Nov. 17th at 2:00 PM. A ruling on the appeal expected early next year. For more information visit www.communitynotcommodity.com

Brackenridge Tract Zoning Cases

During the initial virtual Public Meeting on June 21, 2021, hosted by the City’s Housing and Planning Dept., an overwhelming number of neighbors and stakeholders spoke in support of preserving Lions Municipal Golf Course (MUNY) as a publically accessible 18 hole historic golf course. Speakers also advocated for preservation of the West Austin Youth Association. The West Austin Neighborhood Group has submitted input to the City of Austin Staff tasked with recommending zoning for four parts of the University of Texas owned Brackenridge Tract including the Lions Municipal Golf Course (MUNY) and West Austin Youth Association (WAYA), the Town Lake Tracts (Colorado Apts., Brackenridge Field Laboratory, Brackenridge Apts.) the HEB Tract, and the Deep Eddy Tract (Gables Apts.)

The West Austin neighborhood Group strongly supports the preservation of MUNY as an historic 18-hole golf course, and open green space, that serves the entire City of Austin and its diverse communities. WANG also advocates for APPROPRIATE zoning on the Town Lake Tracts, where UT has indicated they are considering non-University use mixed-use development. WANG continues to collaborate with City Staff, UT, the Save Historic Muny District and the Muny Conservancy in the effort to identify appropriate zoning that preserves and enhances these vital areas of our neighborhood and the City of Austin.

Please visit www.themunyconservancy.com and support their mission to preserve MUNY forever, for all people in Austin, including golfers and non-golfers alike! If you’ve never been to MUNY, please join us there at our Annual Meeting, and see why it is so important that we all work together to preserve this historic open green space!


Our bi-annual print newsletter, which is mailed out to the entire West Austin Neighborhood Group area in May & October includes 5200 residences in Tarrytown, Bryker Woods, Pemberton Heights, and Deep Eddy Neighborhoods. All proceeds support the mission of WANG.

Send us your ads! For rates and specs please email us at Newsletter@WestAustinNG.com


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West Austin Neighborhood Group


Monday, September 13, 2021

These are the minutes of the meeting of the West Austin Neighborhood Group Board of Directors held Monday, September 13, 2021, at 6:30 p.m., by Zoom videoconferencing.

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:37 p.m. by President Holly Reed. Board members in attendance were Holly Reed, Cathy Kyle, Heidi Gibbons, Blake Tollett, August Harris, Brady Pedneau, Mike Cannatti, Sarah Cain, Joe Bennett, and Joyce Basciano.

Not present: Mary Arnold, George Edwards, Craig Lil, Bob Hamilton

Neighbors in attendance: Maureen Adair; Sara Madera, Jennifer Virden; Brad Parsons; David Bolduc; Sharon Lamb; Anthony Lopez; Mary Duncan; Dealey Herndon.

II. Approval of Minutes: August minutes have not been circulated and were not considered.

III. Neighbor Communications

A. Margranita Crescent Neighborhood Partnering Program (NPP). The NPP has been approved. The neighbors have until Feb. 2022 to fundraise. WANG will serve as the fiduciary to collect funds and deliver the funds to the City. WANG will not have to open a separate account. WANG can provide suggestions of people who can help with graphics, and we will promote the fundraising through our newsletter and website. For the print newsletter, submissions are due by the end of September.

B. Prop A Information. Bobby Levinski, who worked for council from 2008-2015, addressed the Board concerning Prop A, on the City’s ballot on November 2, 2021. The proposition establishes budgetary mandates that will predetermine what can be done with budget. The proposition requires 2.05 officers/person, totaling over 600 new officers, and up to 800 in next 2 years at cost of $120M to the general fund, which will have to come from higher taxes (which have a cap) or from other services that we provide (fire, parks, staff reduction, etc). Also, the officers are required to address community policing, and not respond to 911. The increase is not tied to any performance outcomes.

Professor Bill Spellman (former City Council member, UT professor) made the following additional points:

  1. The increase in the rate of homicide (36%) in Austin is not out of line with other large cities. Only 10% of Texas cities saw a reduction in homicide. Most likely, the increase is related to pandemic. Other crime figures show that in Austin, assaults are up 22%, but everything else is down.
  2. Austin is still much safer than other US cities and the rest of the state.
  3. There is no relation between the number of officers and the rate of crime.
  4. We need to identify the reason for the increases, and then develop policies and procedures to address those issues. Hiring more police officers won’t solve the problem.
  5. David Bolduc: didn’t we defund the PD by $120M? Dr. Spellman: not really; instead, the City moved 911 dispatchers to another department so that dispatchers are no longer part of PD. Also, the City didn’t have a cadet class last year, although there will be one this year.
  6. Maureen Adair: PD leadership has changed too much to make that kind of an investment in the PD at this time.
  7. Save Austin Now is the group that came up with Prop A.

C. Prop B This proposition would authorize the sale of parkland property in exchange for certain specified benefits to the City, including a larger tract of land in Trevino park and at least $15 million to build a new maintenance facility. The Board discussed the current proposal between the Parks Dept. and Oracle. The property that Oracle would convey to the City is on the Park Dept’s short list, and Oracle would also fund a centralized maintenance facility, in exchange for the 9 acre tract that Oracle wants to buy. Oracle has not disclosed its plans for the 9 acre tract, which is the current City of Austin Central Maintenance Complex.

D. Independent Citizen’s Redistricting Commission (ICRC). The initial draft of the ICRC map has been released. District 10’s population has not grown as quickly as other Districts in the City, particularly District 6. At the ICRC meeting, Holly asked the commission to consider keeping Neighborhood Plan and Neighborhood Association areas within a single Distrcit, in drawing the new districts. There are more opportunities for input. Additional maps will be published this Wednesday or Thursday. In person forums will be held: 9/18 @ Gus Garcia Recreation Center, 9/21 @ Mayfield Park Cottage, and 9/25 @ George Morales Dove Springs Recreation Center. Mike Cannatti made a motion to authorize President Reed to submit a statement to the Commission asking that District 10 retain its eastern boundary south of 45th St. and Brykerwood. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. For more information, go to https://redistrictatx.org.

IV. Land Matters

A. Burger King on 35th. Rezoning proposed, but this is a Brykerwood issue.

B. Meredith Street Proposed Storm Drain. The proposed storm drain will divert water from an underground cavern to the Rockmoor Estate so that will drain into Lake Austin. This will be an extensive construction project; the major impact will be the diversion of traffic.

V. Membership

A. We’re receiving renewals. Majority of renewals come in at annual neighborhood meeting.

B. We have some donated ACL tickets still available for both weekends, 6 for weekend One and 4 for weekend Two. $300 face value, all sales benefit WANG


VI. Newsletter/Website

A. Advertising: Holly has commitment from Tarrytown Pharmacy.

B. We hope to have new website ready by October annual meeting

C. Proposed articles: information on Prop A and Prop B. We will solicit information from both sides.

VII. Treasurer’s report

Checking $ 6,845.82

July 4th $ 507.86

Oak Wilt $ 1,210.98

TOTAL $ 8,564.66

VIII. Report from Austin Neighborhood Council. At the last meeting, ANC discussed the following:

A. Further consideration of the problems with the Planning Commission’s use of Zoom.

B. 2022 budget

C. Working on a program for the pros and cons of Prop A

D. Workshop on ICRC.

E. Next meeting is 7/28 at 7 pm by Zoom.

IX. Old Business

A. Save Muny Historic District (SMHD). Met 7/22/21. Rudy Metayer, Pflugerville City Councilmember and Executive Director of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus Foundation, was a guest at the meeting. Mr. Metayer informed the Board of his strong support of preserving Muny since first learning of its historical significance in 2008. Besides being passionate about the early civil rights history, he also admires the visionary actions of the site’s benefactor, Col. George Washington Brackenridge, who gave substantial gifts towards African American education and female education. Mr. Metayer noted that properly showcasing a civil rights landscape in West Austin is a unique and valuable opportunity.

The SMHD Board also met 9/9/21— Andrea McWilliams moved that the Board invite Richard Suttle to brief the members on where UT stands at this time. Ken Tiemann seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Ken Tiemann moved that the Board invite City Director of Housing and Planning, Rosie Truelove, to brief the members on the rezoning progress. Andrea McWilliams seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Muny Concession - Should be open late this month - and definitely open for the WANG Annual meeting to be held at Lions Municipal Golf Course.

B. Annual meeting--10/24/21 from lunch til 2 pm. We have one space on the Board for a new member. The meeting can be held inside if weather is a problem.

X. Adjournment: President Reed adjourned the meeting at 8:20 pm.


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Mayfield Park/Community Project (MP/CP)

The Mayfield Council 2021

We remain busy inside the walls at the Mayfield Cottage and Gardens although the continuing Covid-19 pandemic has moderated somewhat our volunteer efforts. The City of Austin and the Parks & Recreation Department (PARD), in accordance with the health authorities, deemed it unsafe for us to have Trowel & Error this year, and that was the correct decision. At that time there were just too many unknowns. The Austin Parks Foundation (APF) also felt it was not advisable to have a spring It’s My Park Day work day, so that opportunity to bring in outside volunteers to help spruce up the garden paths with new mulch passed. But 2022 we hope will be different-


It will be a welcome return to normalcy if we can welcome our friends back to the symposium, so let’s keep positive thoughts on this.

The winter storm Uri that accompanied Valentine’s Day this year was something to behold as we all experienced. We lost some early blooming plants and there was some damage to the trees and palms, but surprisingly it wasn’t too devastating. I did make it to the park one day to check on our peafowl, and they all seem to have made it through fine. After things warmed up a bit, Janice and her volunteers got busy cleaning up. Of particular note were the Amaryllis that seemed to have thrived under the snow blanket. Many of these perennials are the donation from our friend Ginny Thomas. Her house on Enfield Road across from the entrance to the golf course had sold and was slated for demolition; these bulbs originally were planted by her father Raymond Prasatik probably 80 years ago. We also planted the Ellen Bosanquet Crinums that were donated by the Sachin Parate family around the front beds of the cottage and added Caladiums to all of the patch gardens. This fall we are going to also replace and replant the Lady Banks roses that are on trellises in the cottage beds.

As reported last year, MP/CP in coordination with PARD and the City’s Historic Preservation office, undertook the repair and restoration of the rock wall section behind the dovecote. Our original plan called for the dismantling of a 75-foot section of the wall, adding a foundation, and then rebuilding under a $51,874 contract with Ash Masonry Masterworks. We received a reimbursable grant from the City’s Heritage Grant program for $37,492 towards this project, and after consultations with the mason and historic preservation experts, we have stretched the money out to clean up more areas along that section. The project should be finished up by the end of October. We had a successful fundraising round last fall, and even after replacing the $20,000 we took from our operating fund at the Austin Community Foundation to do this repair, we will be having our masons do some other minor repairs to the rock walkways and pond copings. Our next major project, future funds allowing, will be the restoration of the dovecote itself. There are structural fissures in the building’s walls that were addressed poorly in the past and need to be revisited before too long. Our thought is to fund this project inhouse.

Our friends at PARD have been generous to Mayfield this past year and the roofs on both the volunteer shed and the visitors’ shed have had their composition shingles replaced with standing seam metal. The damaged exit gate from the parking lot has been repaired along with the posts and gate leading into the back gardens from the Preserve. Of course, there are only limited funds and manpower that PARD is able to allocate to a park, and it is through volunteer efforts that allow Mayfield to truly shine. The Mayfield Council wants to thank those who have given their money, but especially those who have given their time, to the preservation and maintenance of this true gem in the City’s parks system. The Mayfield Cottage and Grounds, a City of Austin historic landmark and a National Registered District, would not be what it is today without these volunteer efforts. For tax purposes, contributions to the Mayfield Park/Community Project are channeled through an IRS § 501(c)(3) entity Friends of the Parks of Austin and can be sent to:

Mayfield Park/Community Project

PO Box 5721

Austin, Texas 78763

We also have two funds registered with the Austin Community Foundation, the Mayfield Park Community Projects Fund and the Mayfield Park Cottage & Gardens Endowment Fund. The Community Projects Fund is our reserve for projects such as the rebuilding of the stone arch and the ongoing rock wall restorations. The Endowment Fund was opened with an initial donation of $20,000 from the Mayfield Council. Our Endowment Fund goal is a million dollars (maybe not in my lifetime) with the long-range well-being of the cottage and grounds in mind. (right image - Ashton 2009) Donations may be sent to:

Austin Community Foundation

Mayfield Park

4315 Guadalupe Street

Austin, Texas 78751

That’s it for this year, and again, thank you. Keep us in mind and come visit the park. We are expecting you.

Blake Tollett, Chair

Mayfield Council

3701 Bonnie Road 78703



The Mayfield Council <Mayfieldpark.org>

Karen Cannatti Rick Chance Janice Brown Tricia Zeigler

Barbara Watt Sharon Lamb Shawnee Merriman


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Yellowjackets and Hornets

Fall can bring yellowjackets into areas that are more closely associated with humans. These small wasps usually feed on protein but seek out sources of sugar in late summer and early fall. This can lead the wasps to areas of human habitation or parks to find garbage cans, recycling areas, or even sporting events or picnics for a sugar source.

Yellowjackets are small, about ½ an inch long, with yellow bodies with black markings. They create a paper-like nest out of chewed wood fiber. The nest is completely enclosed except for a single opening for the wasps to enter. Nests can become fairly large in size and may contain up to 20,000 adult wasps.

Hornets are a type of yellowjackets and often create nests in aerial locations whereas yellowjackets are cavity or ground nesters. Nests are typically abandoned in October or November as next year’s queens fly off to locate suitable overwintering locations. Abandoned nests typically decompose and are not used the following year.

Yellowjackets may be confused with honey bees or paper wasps. While yellowjackets are approximately the same size and color as honey bees, they do not have hairy bodies. Paper wasps are colored differently than yellowjackets and make a open-faced paper nest.

Yellowjackets are beneficial insects because they feed on other insects within the landscape and can help to keep pest populations under control. If nests are not near human activity, they should be left alone.

If treatment is necessary, it is best, and safer, for nests to be treated by a pest management professional. Underground and cavity nests are best treated with an insecticidal dust sprinkled around the opening. Aerosol sprays may also be used but tend not to be as effective as dusts. If wasps are foraging around garbage or recycling cans, make sure cans have tightly fitting lids and are emptied on a regular basis. Garbage and recycling cans should be cleaned with soap and water periodically to remove buildup of debris.

For more information or help with identification,

contact Wizzie Brown, Texas AgriLife Extension Service Program Specialist at 512.854.9600.

Check out my blog at www.urban-ipm.blogspot.com

This work is supported by Crops Protection and Pest Management Competitive Grants Program [grant no. 2017-70006-27188 /project accession no. 1013905] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

The information given herein is for educational purposes only. Reference to commercial products or trade names is made with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no endorsement by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service or the Texas A&M AgriLife Research is implied.

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service provides equal access in its programs, activities, education and employment, without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity.


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Ambulance (EMS) .............................911

Police Dept.......................512-975-5000


Austin ISD......................................512-533-6000

Casis Elementary School.............512-414-2062

Austin High School.......................512-414-2505

O.Henry Middle School...............512-414-3229


City of Austin........................................512-494-9400

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