Guardians Of The Galaxy

It Is Awesme

Guardians of the galaxy

This movie is hilarious, and it's packed with action and comedy. It pretty much begins when Peter Quil gets abducted into space. He got older and met the rest of the crew. They went through struggles but got through them. They fought against evil and protected the galaxy.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Official Trailer (2014) Marvel HD, Vin Diesel

Hilarious scenes

This scene is at the very end of the movie. It is one of my favorite scenes. Groot was just blown to little pieces but rocket grabbed a part of him, and put him in a pot.
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Ronan is the main villain in this movie. He is played by Lee Pace. His plan is to take over the galaxy, and defeat the guardians of the galaxy.

By Maddux Wynder