Mexican Immigrants

By: Michelle Duran

Many people born in the United States don't appreciate the land they live in. In other places of the world people struggle to have a good life, education, and freedom. Their are children that in many cases don't have education, people don't have money to provide for their family many struggle to live. One example of a place that suffers is the country of Mexico. Citizen that live in Mexico come to the United States for a better life and future.

When Did Mexican Immigrants Come To The United States

In the beginning Mexicans were never Immigrants nor did they have to cross the border to be part of the United States. Mexicans arrived first in what is now New Mexico in 1598. Most people from Mexico were known as mestizos people of Spanish Heritage. In 1821 Mexico won its independence from Spain but in 1846 war broke out between Mexico and the U.S. were Mexico was defeated. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo led to the U.S. winning more than half of Mexico's land. Which i now the state of California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada.

Everything Changed

After mexico lost half of its land Mexicans were no longer citizens in the land they stood on. From day to night they became Immigrants. In 1924 The Border Patrol is founded Mexican workers immigration status changed they were now fugitives of the law having to hide so they wouldn't be arrested and deported
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Why Leave?

People that live in Mexico migrate to the United States for many different reason. One would be because of drug related crimes many Mexicans move out of fear for their lives it's estimated that in the past five years 47,500 people have been killed in crimes relating to drugs some Mexicans just hope to live in a place with a more stable place to live with lower crime rates. Unemployment and poverty would be another reason why people would migrate mother or fathers come to the United States to earn money for their kids and provide which leads them to leaving them with family members in such a young age to provide for them. In other cases some mothers bring their children with them while crossing to the U.S.

It's Not Easy Leaving

In 2014 there were 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. But what is the risk they have to take to come here? Well in many most cases Mexicans struggle to come to the U.S. by crossing the border having to overcome the desert, water barriers, and even wild animals. Many are helped by people who have already crossed they show them the way but it depends on the person some will ask you for a price of money and other will guide you freely without no price. But crossing the border is not easy 1,954 people died crossing the U.S - Mexico border between the years of 1998-2004. Mexicans risk a lot to come to the United States getting caught, death, and lose.
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How are Mexican immigrants In The U.S.

Mexican Immigrants who obtain a green card are immediate relatives of U.S citizens or a family-sponsored immigrant. Compared to those that don't Mexican immigrants are more likely to be limited in English speaking, have less educational, lower income, higher poverty rate, and lack health insurance.

Jobs and Accupations

With no legal papers in the United States their are not many options of work many immigrant work as a custodian, cleaning houses, fast food restaurants, baby sitting, factories, and others more. Some send money to family in mexico in other cases people save up money so they can provide for themselves or to continue school.
With all of this being said moving to the U.S. is a risk many decide to take. Now Mexican Americans exist and with time going by hopefully times change not only for Mexican Immigrants but for any person trying to come to the U.S. for a better life and future.
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