The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda

In A School, Thats Not So Far Away


Written by: Tom Angleberger

Publish by: Harry N. Abrams; Reprint edition (March 10, 2015)

ISBN: 9781419715174

Genre: Realistic Fiction


  • Nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Middle Grade & Children's
  • Nominated for the Illinois State 2013 Rebecca Caudill Award
  • New York Times Bestselling Series


The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda is about a sixth grader named Tommy and his friends Dwight, Kellen, Sara, Amy, Lance, Mike and some-what his enemy Harvey. Throughout the book Tommy is trying to figure out if Origami Yoda is real or not so he can ask a very important question about Sara. So he compiles a case file, written by himself and other students who lives have been made better by Origami Yoda. The only person who doesn't think hes real Harvey who believes Origami Yoda is just a plain piece of paper and Dwight is fooling the whole school.

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda is a very unique Star Wars graphical novel, because unlike Jedi Academy this takes place in the real world with real places (like K-Mart) and events. It also has a Diary Of A Wimpy Kid aspect to it with drawings related to that page being show on the side. Tom Angleberger did an amazing job with giving this book that middle school feel and everything Star Wars and i recommend it to anyone who likes graphic novels or Star Wars.

Professional Reviews

Kirkus: Sixth grader Tommy has a dilemma: He doesn't know whether to trust the advice of Origami Yoda, who dispenses wisdom from his perch on the finger of mega-nerd Dwight. Tommy compiles this case file, written by himself and other students who have benefited (or not) from Dwight/Yoda's help, in an attempt to decide. Tommy's friend Harvey, a skeptic, comments on each story, and another friend, Kellen, illustrates. Yoda counsels students on everything from American Idol outcomes to overcoming fear of softball failure to what to do when you get a little water stain on your pants in just the wrong place. Though Tommy's not forthcoming, it's pretty easy to guess what he's uncertain about, but it's never easy to guess the next twist in this kooky charmer of a Cyrano mystery tale. The arch and dry (and sometimes slapstick) humor of Angleberger's first will keep the pages turning. The stories are presented in a different typeface from Harvey's comments and Tommy's, and the whole is designed to look like a battered journal, crinkled paper and all. A skewed amalgam of Wayside Stories and Wimpy Kid that is sure to please fans of both.

School Library Journal: Sixth grader Tommy and his friends face gym class jitters, embarrassing nicknames, and considerable girl anxiety. They need the wisdom of a Jedi master just to make it through the day. When Tommy's weird classmate Dwight shows up at school with an origami Yoda finger puppet and suggests that Tommy and his friends check in with the Yoda when they have difficult situations to deal with or tough decisions to make. The Yoda's advice is so good that the friends can't imagine that it is coming from oddball Dwight and Tommy decides to investigate. Tom Angleberger's novel (Amulet Books, 2010) is Tommy's case file. He documents his own interactions with Origami Yoda and asks his friends to contribute theirs as well. This works really well in the audio format. Five actors voice Tommy, Kellen, Quavondo, Sara, and resident skeptic Harvey with varying degrees of believable immaturity. The case is never resolved, and listeners are left to decide for themselves whether Origami Yoda is merely Dwight's dummy or if somehow the finger puppet is actually using the Force.

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