The Enclave

By William Hopkins

How it all began

First let us start with where The Enclave is. The Enclave is in the Pacific Ocean north of Hawaii near Canada. A branch of the military called "The Enclave" was sent over there to investigate the mysterious island and see if it was habitual. After years of clearing forests and building cities it was finally fit for civilization. After the construction was finished people started to move to the island in seek of a new life or scientific pursuits. In the year 2047 the island wanted to become the state known now as The Enclave. After some debating in congress and negotiating with the military congress passed the enabling act. A territorial convention prepared the constitution and the votes were tolled. The voters approved the document and sent to congress. Congress still agreed for The Enclave to be a state and then passed the act of admission. After thoroughly looking through the documents the President of the United States signs the act and The Enclave is now part of the Union.

About the Enclave

Year Founded: The Enclave was founded in 2047

State Population: Current population is at 405,788

Governor: James Hewitt

Two Senators: Adam Wellington and Jerry Autumn, both Democrats

House of Representatives: Fawkes Bailey

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State Flag: See above

State Bird: Vampire Finch

State Nickname: The Scientific State

State Motto: Rebuilding Americas future today!

State Song: E-101R Beta

Sports Team: The Super Mutants

Major Exports: Computers, technology in general.

Major In ports: Building materials for technology.

Major Rivers: River of Fallout

Number of Counties: 6

Largest City: Rivet City

Bordering States: None

University's and Colleges: University of The Enclave, University of the Brotherhood of Steel,

Megaton Community College, Rivet City University.

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