Lord Capulet at Fault

By: Megan Callahan

Lord Capulet: Party

I believe Lord Capulet is at fault for starting most of the conflicts in Romeo and Juliet because he's the father of Juliet and father's look over their daughters to protect them but he isn't considering what Juliet truly wants, instead he is the making the decisions by himself. Capulet exclaims, ¨Content thee, gentle coz, let him alone¨ (1.5.61). As Lord Capulet had a party with men and woman, Romeo decides to show up. Tybalt warned Lord Capulet of Romeo at the party and Lord Capulet told him to not make a scene and to leave him alone because he wouldn't do any harm. Therefore, this made Lord Capulet at fault for Romeo and Juliet falling in love because if he would have told Tybalt to take care of it they wouldn't have fell madly in love and kissed. I believe that if Lord Capulet wouldn't have had the party they wouldn't have met and they could respect their families issues.

Lord Capulet: Marriage

Another event that took place in the play that created conflict by Lord Capulet was him trying to force Paris and Juliet to get married and fall madly in love while she is already married to Romeo. Lord Capulet says, ¨Acquaint her here of my son Paris's love¨ (2.3.16).

Lord Capulet puts Friar Laurence in a tough situation because he asks him to marry his daughter and Paris when he knows the truth about Juliet and Romeo and by pressuring Juliet she is thinking of death and she knows that she can never see Romeo again.

Lord Capulet: Juliet has passed

Lord Capulet cries, ¨Her blood is settled, and her joints are stiff¨(4.5.26). Lord Capulet caused a lot of harm to his daughter Juliet. Juliet told her father that she would rather die than to marry Paris and he said that she will be banished if she didn't show. She went to Friar Laurence and she asked to give her something that would make the problem go away. Friar gave Juliet a drink that would make her look dead and wake up in forty two hours. This is a problem because the family cannot continue with the wedding and now the Capulet's think two people in their family have now died. They wanted wealth by having Juliet marry Paris and now they have to bury her. This is keeping Romeo and Juliet apart and therefore he should feeling guilty that he made his daughter ¨kill herself.¨

Lord Capulet vs. Friar Laurence

With believing that Lord Capulet is at fault for most of the problems happening throughout the story some might argue that Friar Laurence is the reason why everything goes wrong. Although Friar did agree to marry Romeo and Juliet, Lord Capulet should have kept track of his daughter. Also, Friar did give Juliet the drink to pretend to have her body be dead but Lord Capulet should have respected Juliet's wishes and she wouldn't have had to go ask for Friar's help and separate herself from her loved ones.
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