No Easy Way Out

By: Dayna Lorentz


This is the second book in the 3 part series. The story takes place in a mall where a bomb filled with a deadly flu virus has been released. It's shown through the eyes of four different characters which starts to get very complicated. There are riots and corruption and gangs. The whole book is like waiting for a indecisive person while they try and order at a restaurant. It's just a huge mess of the writer trying to fit as much as they can into one book. They attempt to get away with it by having different points of view but in all honesty it just doesn't work. And to make it worse instead of it transitioning at a point where there is a little suspense or cliff hanger to keep people reading, it will just randomly cut off.

Main characters

Marco- Likes Lexi but I think is using her to get to the senator.

Lexi- Kinda likes Marco, I really can't tell, but her mother is the senator

Ryan- Scrawny football play that is "dating" Shay but they actually aren't.

Shay- Likes Ryan and wants him to be a knight shining armor but too much of a wuss


This book is alright. I wouldn't buy it, but definitely read the first one. I'd give it a 7/10 on a good day. I'd recommend this book to only the people who have read the first one because it's not the type of book you can read without knowing the backstory behind everything. Teenagers would like it because of the constant drama.