Beyond the School Walls

Creating A Virtual Classroom Space

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Why is this Important?

  • New testing schedules will last for a month and you will not have your full student load each day.
  • We cannot lose a month of valuable instructional time.
  • By going beyond the walls, students can review material multiple times if needed to learn.
  • Teachers can spend valuable classroom time doing higher order activities with students.
Creating Flipped Classrooms To Enhance Education

How can we accomplish this?

Use tools that are

  • already familiar to teachers
  • easy for students and teachers to access
  • require teachers to spend no more time than they typically would to plan a lesson.

What Tools Can We Use for Lesson Access?

Basic Flipped Classroom Outline

  1. Students watch an instructional video the night before class.
  2. Give a formative assessment at the beginning of class.
  3. Homework becomes classwork/projects/ discussion so students have the teacher present to answer questions during their application of the lesson.
  4. End the class with another formative or summative assessment.
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Level 1 Classroom Web Pages

Teachers Post

  • Handouts
  • PowerPoints
  • Videos
  • Practice Activities
  • Used to give students access to resources but there is no collaboration or accountability.
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Level 2 Class Notebook

  • No additional sign in required to access
  • Easy to organize lessons
  • Post videos, links to other tools,
  • Allows for Student Collaboration
  • Students can turn in work in the student notebook
  • Teachers can grade work and give feedback
  • Office Mix allows teachers to use Powerpoints they have already created and view analytics to see who is watching

Content Tools

Office Mix
  • This is a free add on to powerpoint that allows you to make your existing powerpoints interactive. You can add questions, simulations, in app white board
  • Analytics provided for Office 365 users via the Office Mix website.



  • This site allows you to add questions to existing videos.
  • App can be added to Edmodo group for instant LMS integration. Provides Analytics.
  • Basic version is free.


  • This site allows you to add/trim multiple videos to create a learning tour.
  • Teachers can add text and a questions in a variety of formats.
  • Provides analytics.
  • Basic version is free.
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Level 3 Edmodo

  • Does require an additional set up and log in
  • Looks like Face book or other social media tools
  • Provides instant communication between students and the teacher
  • Assignments, polls, quizzes, and activities through snapshot
  • Can make small groups for remediation or enrichment
  • Can track your classroom's progress on assignments and quizzes

Content Creation

Interwrite- installed on all RCS computers

  • Screen capture software
  • Teacher is recording his/her authentic lesson
  • To have voice over will need a microphone
  • How to video


  • Chrome Plug in
  • Screen capture software
  • Need microphone or Web Cam for voice


  • Ipad only app that uploads to website
  • White board that allows the teacher to add his/her own content

Explain Everything

  • App for multiple platforms-Apple/Android/Windows tablets
  • Will work on a PC with Windows $10
  • Cost is around $3.99
  • Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard app that lets you annotate, animate,narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.
  • Create slides, draw in any color, add shapes, add text, and use a laser pointer. Rotate, move, scale, copy, paste, clone, and lock any object added to the stage
  • Add new or existing photos, videos, or import PDF files from OneDrive or Dropbox. Export MP4 movies or editable .explain project files directly from your device.
  • Can export video files as an MP4 and upload to the Office 365 video channel

Overcoming Roadblocks

Resources provided by Kayla Weller

How Do We Support Our Teachers

  • Help them start small with tools that are familiar to them.
  • Model flipped lessons by providing online Professional Development.
  • Provide workshops for them to create flipped lessons.
  • Help teachers network with other teachers who are flipping their classroom or work together to create and share flipped lessons.