The Space Race

Soviet union vs. United states

What is "The space race"

It was a competition between Soviet russia and the United States to master space exploration, and its achievements.
John F. Kennedy Moon Speech (1962)

October & November 1957

The USSR launches Sputnik 1 into orbit, the same year they launched sputnik 2 into orbit with a small dog named Laika.

January - October 1958

  • Explorer 1 is the first american satellite sent into orbit with equipment that helped find the Van Allen Radiation belt.
  • Explorer 2 failed to reach orbit
  • Vanguard 1 reaches orbit and continued to function for 3 years
  • USSR launches sputnik 3 into orbit
  • NASA is formed and replaces NACA

January - October 1959

  • Luna 1 launched by the USSR is the first mad-made object to successfully orbit the sun.
  • Pioneer 4 is launched by the U.S on a earth-to-moon trajectory and passes within 37,000 miles before falling into solar orbit.
  • "mercury seven" astronauts are picked by NASA
  • Luna 2 launched and impacted the moon, making it the first man-made object to do so.
  • Luna 3 orbits the moon and takes photos of 70% of its surface