Poe-Biographical Critique

By: Kayla Jenkins

Connection #1

Poe and the Narrator in the short story, both suffered and struggled from depression.

Connection #2

Poe becomes depressed for awhile after his wife passes, and in the short story the Narrator and everything starts to get darker, and depressed.

Connection #3

Poe mean to go to New York but had got on the wrong train and went to Baltimore. The narrator also has ended up in a place he did not plan on, a strang city.

Connection #4

Both the narrator and Poe fall in love and put there love out for one.

Connection #5

Poe's wife had died and so did the lady in the short story.

Connection #6

Elenora was the actual name of Poe's cousin.

Connection #7

In the short story, the narrator lives with Elenora and Elenora's mother. In Poe's real he lives with his cousin (Virgina), and his Aunt (Mrs. Clemm).