4th Grade News

Mrs. Graver ~ March 24, 2016

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Learning Targets of the Week


*Use bar models to represent a fraction of a set

* Find the fractional part of a number

* Multiply a fraction by a whole number


*Identify adjectives that tell what kind, how many, or what purpose

* Spell words that include the following sounds: /k/ using c, k, or ck; /kw/; /ng/

Social Studies

* Discover some of the events that lead up to Washington statehood in 1889

* Identify early cities --Walla Walla, Tacoma, and Seattle-- and why they grew


* Identify the metric system as a standard unit of measure

* Explore the metric standard for measuring distance: the meter and its subunit the centimeter


* Describe the Easter Triduum and how we celebrate it

You're Kind of a Big Deal

Thank you all for coming to conferences. I am proud of all the success these 4th graders have had this past trimester. I look forward to all that they will accomplish in this last term we have together!

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What do we remember during the Easter Triduum?

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